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Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects pdf

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 Backbiting And Its Adverse Effects
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Husayn Al Awaayishah
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Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects – Book Sample

Contents Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects

  1. Backbiting and its adverse effects  
  2. Consensus of the scholars on the prohibition of
  3. backbiting and on the fact that it is a major sin  
  4. Common but invalid excuses for backbiting  
  5. Some of the motives for backbiting and the
  6. Islamic response to them  
  7. Hadiths aimed at deterring people from backbiting  
  8. The prohibition of listening to backbiting  
  9. The one who listens to gossip and the one who
  10. gossips are the same  
  11. How to stop backbiting  
  12. The virtue of speaking up for a Muslim in his
  13. absence, and opposing backbiting  
  14. The stench of those who indulge in
  15. backbiting against the believers  
  16. Table of Contents
  17. Punishment in the grave for the one
  18. who indulges in backbiting  
  19. The person who participates in backbiting is a coward
  20. with a weak personality  
  21. The one who indulges in backbiting is lacking in faith   
  22. Backbiting disrupts the enjoining of what is good
  23. and the forbidding of what is evil   
  24. Types of backbiting that are permitted     
  25. Conditions that must be fulfilled in
  26. the type of backbiting which is permitted  
  27. Repentance from backbiting      
  28. Backbiting that is not recognized as such  
  29. Adverse results that may come from a careless attitude
  30. towards participating in backbiting about the sinner     
  31. Beware of participating in backbiting
  32. about one who is incapacitated   
  33. What is worse than backbiting  
  34. Unspoken backbiting  
  35. Opposing backbiting is the “best of jihad”  
  36. Anecdotes on the condemnation of backbiting  
  37. Notes  
  38. Glossary            

( .. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would abhor it..) (((Qur’an 49: 12)))

Indications that gheebah is a major sin are also to be found in the following hadiths: «What is worse than usury is a man insulting the honour of his brother» and the words of the Prophet (􀀜) to….

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