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Biography of Uthman Ibn Affan pdf download

📘 Book Title Biography Of Uthman Ibn Affan
👤 Book AuthorAli Muhammed Assalaabi
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Biography of Uthman Ibn Affan by: Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sallabi Translated by: Nasir Khattab Edited by: Hoda Khattab 

Biography of Uthman Ibn Affan

He was called Dhu’n-Noorayn ‘ And it was said that he was called Dhu’n-Noorayn because he used to recite a great deal of Qur’an in his prayer every night, and the Qur’ an is light and praying qiyam al-layl is light. 121 

4 – His birth. He was born in Makkah six years after the Year of the Elephant, according to the correct view And it was said that he was bom in al-Ta’if. He was about five years younger than the Messenger of Allah 

5 – His physical attributes: he was neither short nor tall, soft skinned, with a huge thick beard, big-boned, broad- shouldered, with thick hair on his head, and he used to dye his beard with saffron.

 Az-Zuhri said: ‘Uthman was a man of average height, with handsome hair and face and a bald spot; he was bow-legged [5] , with a hooked nose, big calves, and long arms that were covered with hair.

 He had the most handsome mouth of all people, his hair came down below his ears, and he had a handsome face. It is most likely that he was white-skinned, and it was said that he was dark skinned.

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