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Commentary on al Muzani Sharhus Sunnah pdf download

Commentary on al Muzani Sharhus Sunnah
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 Commentary On Al Muzani Sharhus Sunnah
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Ahmad Ibn Yahya an-Najmi
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Commentary on al Muzani Sharhus Sunnah – Book Sample

Commentary on al Muzani Sharhus Sunnah

Biography of lsma’il Ibn Yahya al-Muzani

His Kunyah, His Name and His Lineage:

He is Abii Ibrahim Isma’tl Ibn Yahya Ibn Isma’tl Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Muslim al­Muzani al-Misri, the student of ash-Shafi..

And al-Muzani -with a damma upon the mim and afatha upon the zdyy and a nun at the end of it – this is an ascription to Muzaynah – is Ibn Ad Ibn Tabikhah Ibn Ilyas Ibn Mudir Ibn Nazar Ibn Ma’d Ibn ‘Adnan. And the name of Muzaynah was ‘Amr, but he was given the name of his mother, Muzyanah Bint Kalb Ibn W abirah. And Muzaynah was the mother of a famous tribe.

His Birth and His Family:

He was born in the year that al-Layth Ibn Sa’d died, the year 175H. And it is apparent that his family loved knowledge and its people. They were intent upon providing a good upbringing for their children, an upbringing of knowledge.

So the Scholars mentioned that al-Muzani had a sister and that she used to attend the gathering of ash-Shafl’i. And ar-Rafl’i quoted from her concerning the zakat (alms). And Ibnus-Subki and al-Isnawi have mentioned her in at-Tabaqat.

Likewise, ar-Rabi’ Ibn Sulayman al-Muradi was the brother of al-Muzani by way of suckling. And the son of his sister was Abii Ja’far at-Tahawi, the famous Imam and the author of al-‘Aqidatut-Tahawiyyah.

His Teachers:

From the most distinguished of his teachers whom he took knowledge from are:

  1. Muhammad Ibn Idris ash-Shafi’i (d.204H)
  2. ‘Ali IbnMa’bad IbnShaddad al-Basri (d.218H)
  3. Nu’aym IbnHammad al-Khuza’i (d.228H)
  4. Asbagh Ibn Nafi’ (d.225H)

And the small number of his teachers is due to two affairs: [i]: his lengthy accompaniment of his Shaykh, ash-Shafi’i; [ii]: and he did not travel to the Islamic lands. Rather, he sufficed with the Scholars of Egypt and whosoever visited there from the Scholars.

His Students:

Many of the creation took from al-Muzani and from his most distinguished students are:

  1. The Imam oflmams: AbuBakr Ibn Khuzaymah (d.311H)
  2. AbiiJa’far at-Tahawi (d.321H)
  3. Abul-Qasim Ibn Bashar al-Anmati (d.288H), the Shaykh oflbn Surayj
  4. TheShaykh ofal-Basrah: Zakariyya Ibn Yahya as-Saji (d.3 07H)
  5. Abul-Hasan IbnKhawsan (d.320H)
  6. Abu Nu’aym Ibn ‘Adiyy
  7. AbuMuhammad ‘Abdur-Rahman Ibn AbiHatim ar-Razi (d.327H)

His Writings:

Many of al-Muzani’s books have been lost and the biographers have alluded to some ofthem. From his books are:

  1. lfsadut-Taqlid
  2. al-Amr wan-Nahi ‘ala Ma ‘na ash-Shafi’i
  3. at-Targhib fil-1lm.
  4. al-jami’ul-Kabir
  5. al-jami’us-Saghir
  6. ad-Daqa’iq wal-‘Aqarib
  7. Sharhus-Sunnah, and it is this book of ours;
  8. al-Mabsut fil-Furu’
  9. al-Mukhtasarul-Kabir
  10. al-Mukhtasarus-Saghir
  11. Mukhtasarul-Mukhtasar, commonly known as Mukhtasarul­ Muzani

Indeed, al-Muzani worked very hard in writing this book. So he remained immersed in its writing for twenty years. Muhammad Ibn Ishaq said, ‘I heard al-Muzani say, ‘I wrote this book for twenty years. And I wrote it three times and then changed it.”1

Indeed, the Scholars bestowed much praise upon this book, to the extent that al-Muzani – and he was the author – said, “If ash-Shafi’i had reached me, he would have listened to this al-Mukhtasar from me.”

And Abul-‘Abbas Ibn Surayj said, “And it is the primary source for the books written about the Shafi’i madhhab. And they arrange their books in its pattern and mode of speech and they explain and comment upon the madhhab with it.”

Imam al-Muzani’s Reason for writing this Treatise

Shaykh Jamal ‘Azzun said, “And the reason for writing the treatise (i.e. Sharhus-Sunnah) was that a group from Ahlus-Sunnah were in Tripoli, in a gathering of consultation. So they began to mention the Scholars ofAhlus­ Sunnah, such as Malik (d.179H), ash-Shafi’i (d.2.04H), ath-Thawri (d.167H), Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (d.2.41H), al-Muzani and other than them. So an adversary objected with regards to al-Muzani and said, “He is not from the group of Scholars.”

So they said, “Why is that?” He said, “That is because I heard him speaking about the Qadr (Pre-Decree) and he would argue with qiyds (analogical deduction) and philosophical speculation.”

So that worried them and they wanted to know the reality of that. So they wrote a letter to al­ Muzani asking him to explain to them the reality of his ‘aqidah (belief). So when the letter reached him, he replied to it with his answer, mentioning the treatise (i.e. Sharhus-Sunnah).”‘

He further stated after discussing the accusations of those who had enmity for al-Muzani in Egypt, “And this accusation against Imam al-Muzani did not only occur from the people in Egypt. Rather, it was snatched up by some of the people in Tripoli.

So there occurs in the beginning of the first manuscript from the treatise of al­ Muzani, Sharhus-Sunnah, what follows, “Said ‘Ali Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Halwani: I was in Tripoli.

So our companions and I were mentioning the Sunnah, up until we mentioned Abu Ibrahim al-Muzani. So one of our companions said, “It has reached me2 that he speaks about the Quran and withholds with regards to it.3 And another companion mentioned that al-

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