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Creative Imagination In The Sufism Of Ibn Arabi pdf download

Creative Imagination In The Sufism Of Ibn Arabi
  • Book Title:
 Creative Imagination In The Sufism
  • Book Author:
Ibn al-'Arabi
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List  of  Plates                                                                             vii


  • Between Andalusia and Iran: A Brief Spiritual Topography 3
  • The Curve and Symbols of lbn ‘Arabi’s Life 38
  • At Averroes’ Funeral 38
  • The Pilgrim to the Orient 46
  • The Disciple of Khic;lr 53
  • His Maturity and the Completion of His Work 68
  • The Situation of Esoterism 77



Ch. I. Divine Passion and Compassion

  1. The Prayer of the Heliotrope
  2. The “Pathetic God”
  3. Of Unio Mystica as Unio Sympatketica

Ch. II. Sophiology and Devotio Sympathetica

  • The Sophianic Poem of a Fedele d’amore
  • The Dialectic of Love
  • The Creative Feminine



Prologue 179

Ch. III. The Creation as Theophany 184

1 . The Creative Imagination as Theophany, or the “God from Whom All Being Is Created” 184

2. The God Manifested by the Theophanic Imagination 190

S. The “God Created in the Faiths” 195

  1. The Recurrence of Creation 200
  2. The Twofold Dimension of Beings 207

Ch. IV. Theophanic Imagination and Creativity of

the Heart 216

  • The Field of the Imagination 216
  • The Heart as a Subtile Organ 221

s. The Science of the Heart 2.97

Ch. V. Man’s Prayer and God’s Prayer 246

  1. The Method of Theophanic Prayer 246
  2. Homologations 257

.9. The Secret of the Divine Responses 262

Ch. VI. The “Form of God” 212

  • The lfadltk of the Vision 272
  • Around the Mystic Kaaba 277

Epilogue 282

Notes and Appendices 285

List of Works Cited .991

Index .999

Between Andalusia and Iran: A Brief Spiritual Topography – CREATIVE IMAGINATION IN THE SUFISM OF IBN ARABI

A more complete title for the present book would have been “Creative Imagination and Mystical Experience in the sufism of lbn Arabi.” An abbreviation, however, is permissible, since the mere word “Sufism” suffices to place “Imagination” in our specific context.

Here we shall not be dealing with imagination in the usual sense of the word: neither with fantasy, profane or otherwise, nor with the organ which produces imaginings identified with the unreal; nor shall we even be dealing exactly with what we look upon as the organ of esthetic creation. We shall be speaking of an absolutely basic function, correlated with a universe peculiar to it, a universe endowed with a perfectly “objective” existence and perceived precisely through the Imagination.

Today, with the help of phenomenology, we are able to examine the way in which man experiences his relationship to the world without reducing the objective data of this experience to data of sense perception or limiting the field of true and meaningful knowledge to the mere operations of the rational understanding. Freed from an old impasse, we have learned to register and to make use of the intentions implicit in all the acts of consciousness or trans consciousness.

To say that the Imagination (or love, or sympathy, or any other sentiment) induces knowledge, and knowledge of an “object” which is proper to it, no longer smacks of paradox. Still, once the full noetic value of the Imagination is admitted, it may be advisable to free the intentions of the Imagination from the parentheses in which a purely phenomenological interpretation encloses them, if we wish, without fear or misunderstanding, to relate the imaginative function to the view of the world proposed by the Spiritualists to whose company the present book invites us.

For them the world is “objectively” and actually threefold:…

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