📘 Book Title Cure Of The Heart
👤 Book AuthorMuhammad Qamar Az-Zaman Sahib Allahabadi
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Cure Of the Heart by Moulana Mahboob Ahmed Qamruz Zamaan Nadwi Ila Aabaadi


Some of the Book Contents

  • Incumbency of thikrullah is the means of attaining purity of soul
  • Introduction 
  • Introduction to tasawwuf 
  • Introduction of the kitaab
  • Doctor ahmed farid – (author of original kitaab) 
  • Good and praiseworthy character
  • Inculcate sincerity in actions 
  • Statements pertaining to ikhlaas 
  • The virtue of intention 
  • Knowledge and the virtue of its acquisition
  • The types and categories of the heart
  • The types of hearts
  • The ailments of the heart and the signs of its health
  • The signs of an ailing heart
  • The signs of a healthy heart 
  • The causes of a diseased heart
  • There are four things which prove poisonous to the heart 
  • Excessive speech 
  • Aathaar (anecdotes and statements) from the sahaabah  
  • The harms of evil gazes
  • The harms of indulging in excessive eating
  • Excessive intermingling and socialising 
  • Beneficial nourishment to keep the heart alive
  • The virtue of making thikr of allaah ta`ala and recitation of the qur`aan
  • Majeed
  • Some benefits of thikr 
  • The types and categories of thikr 
  • The virtue of astaghfaar

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