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Dealing with Lust and Greed pdf download

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 Dealing With Lust And Greed
  • Book Author:
Abd al-Hamid Kishk
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  1. The Definition of the Appetites                           
  2. The appetites – the gateway to the Fire                       
  3. The different categories of appetites                          
  4.  Love of women                                                    
  5.  Love of children                                                  
  6.  Love of gold and silver                                       
  7.  Love of horses                                                     
  8.  Love of livestock                                                 
  9.  Love of farmland                                                 
  10. Chapter Two
  11. The Remedy for Excessive Love of Women      
  12. The path of safeguarding the private parts                
  13.  Lowering the eyes                                               
  14.  The prohibition of all that leads to temptation    
  15. Marriage                                                               
  16.  Treating the sexual organs through the stomach   How to enter people’s homes                
  17.  The prohibition against pursuing desires            
  18.  The use of the intellect against appetites            
  19.  Fear of Allah                                                       
  20. The penalty for not safeguarding the private parts   
  21. Chapter Three
  22. The Remedy for Excessive Love of Children   
  23. The importance of love of children                           
  24. Mercy to children is a gift from Allah                      
  25. The Islamic method of bringing up children            
  26. Children are a trust and a responsibility                   
  27. The legal obligation of children’s maintenance        
  28. Impartiality between children                                   
  29. Concern for daughters                                               
  30. Encouragement to discipline children                       
  31. Other educational principles                                      
  32. The Prophets and their sons                                      
  33. Islam’s method of treatment                                      
  34. Chapter Four
  35. The Islamic Remedy for Love of Wealth           
  36. The principles of the Islamic remedy                         
  37. Exercising caution                                                     
  38. The necessity of earning from lawful sources          
  39. The prohibition of usury                                         
  40. The prohibition of hoarding                                     
  41. The prohibition of cheating                                     
  42. The prohibition against tampering with weights    
  43. The prohibition against making false oaths            
  44. The prohibition of theft and misappropriation        
  45. Debts and debtors                                                    
  46. The obligation of zakat and sadaqa                         
  47. Chapter Five
  48. How Past Righteous Men Dealt with Appetites
  49. Conclusion
  50. Jihad against the Lower Self      


0 Allah, bless our master, our beloved Prophet, Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah, the balm and cure of our hearts, the healing and well-being of our bodies, and the light and illumination of our eyes, the noblest of creatures and the Master of the Messengers who was sent as a mercy to all human beings to bring them out of the constriction of this world into the expansion of the Next World and out of the darkness of their lower appetites into the light of guidance and the Clear Truth.

I have written this book in response to the numerous questions posed to me by young Muslims in the East and the West concern­ing the struggle taking place between their lower selves, which pursue their desires and appetites, and their souls, which yearn for purity and perfection and to follow the Path of Truth. Their strug­gle is between human nature, which is predisposed to the love of the lower appetites, and the Islamic Way which they freely choose and desire to follow as their deen.

How should these young people face that struggle which is in danger of taking them so far from the Path of Allah? How can they gain the upper hand in it? How can they free themselves from the shackles of the lower self and its appetites, and master them and not be mastered by them? What should they do when their selves which command to evil urge them to commit fornication?

What offence is more conducive to perdition and destruction? The sexu­al appetite is a natural instinct that is most beneficial if kept within the proper limits. However, if it is allowed free rein it brings about destruction and ruin and even its awakening is a cause for alarm. What should they do when love of wealth over­comes them and induces them to steal? Even if they can avoid the

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