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Description of the Prophet Wudoo pdf download

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 Description Of The Prophet Wudoo
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Fahd al-Shuaib
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Wudoo in the Arabic language:

Wudoo’ is the action and wadoo’ the water used therefore – and it is also a verbal noun; or they are two forms of the same word, both meaning the verbal-noun and maybe both referring also to the water used.

Wudoo’ in the Sharee’ah:

Wudoo’ is using clean and cleansing (Tuhoor) water upon certain body parts as Allaah Ta’ala has prescribed and explained.


Allaah Ta’ala says:0 Ye who believe! When ye prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your hands (and arms) to the elbows; rub your heads (with water); and (wash) your feet to the ankles (Soorat-ul-Maa’id,ah 5:7]

  • Abu Hurairah (r.a) said: Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: The Prayer of anyone of you breaching purification is not accepted unless he makes wudoo’. [AI-Buk.haree, ( Fath ul­ Baaree, 1/206), Muslim (no. 225) and others].
  • Ibn ‘Umar (r.a) said: Indeed I heard Rasoolullaah (pbuh) say: Allaah does not accept Prayer without purification, nor Sadaqah from illegally attained wealth. (Muslim (1/160) and others).
  • lbn ‘Abbaas (r.a) said: Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: Verily I have been ordered to make wudoo’ when I stand for Prayer. (Saheeh. Reported by Abu Dawood (no.3760);  at-Tinnidhee (no.1848), and he declared it to be 11asan-saheeh’; an-Nasaa’ee (1/73). And Sheikh al-Albaanec declares it lo be ‘saheeh’ (Saheeh ul-Jaami’, no.2333)].
  • Abu Sa’eed (r.a.) said: Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: The key to Prayer is purification, its ‘tahreem ,] is the takbeer and its ‘tahlee/’2 is the giving salaam. (Reported by t.bu Dawood (no. 60); at Tinnidhee (no.3); lbn Maajah (no.275) and others. Declared byShaikh al-Albaanee: CSaheeh ul-Jaam’, no.5761)].

1Tuat which malc.e nonnal actions, such as eating and talking, forbidden therein.

2That which renders nonnal actions permissible again.


6. Abu Hurairah (r.a) said: Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: Shall I not guide you to that by which Allaah wipes away the sins and raises the ranks? They said: Certainly 0 Messenger of Allaah! He said: Completing the wudoo’ when ii is a hardship, and ntan_v steps to the mosques, and waiting for the {next) Prayer after the Prayer, that is ‘ar-Rihaat’ (defending the frontiers, that is ‘ar-Rihaat’, that is ‘ar-Ribaat?. [Reported by Muslim (1/151) and others].

6. Abu Hurairah (r.a) reports that Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: When the Muslim (or ‘Believing? servant makes wudoo’ and washes his face then the sin of everything he looked at with his eye comes away with the water, or with the last 1/rop of the water, and when he washes his It ands then the sin of everything he stretched out his hands to comes away with the water, or ,vith the last drop of the water. And when he washes his feet every sin 1vhich his feet walked towards comes mvay 1vith the water, or with the last drop of the water – so that he leaves clean (clear/pure) from sins. [Reported by Muslim (1/148) and others].

  • Abu Hurairah (r.a.) reports that Rasoolulfaah (pbuh) came to the graveyard and said: Peace be upon you, dwelling of the Believing People and we will (all) if Allaah wills join you soon. I would have like to have seen

our brothers! They said: Are we not your brothers, 0 Messenger of Allaah? He said: You are my Con,panions and our brothers are those who have not yet come! They said: How will you know those who have not yet come from your Ummah, 0 Messenger of Allaah? He said: Have

you not seen that if a man had a horse 1vith a white blaze and hoof along with a totally jet-black horse, then would

he not know his horse? They said: Certainly, 0 Messenger of Allaah. He said: So they will come with white blazes and marks from the wudoo’ and I am present before them at the Hand (‘water-tank’). Indeed n,en will be driven away from my ‘water-tank’ as tl,e lost can,el is driven mvay from their gathering place. ‘Come on’. So it will be said: ‘Indeed they have made changes after you’, so I will say: Be off,beoff. [Muslim 249].

  • Abu Umaamah (r.a) said: Rasoolullaah (pbuh) said: When a Muslim makes wudoo’ the sins he has committed come away from his hearing and from his sight and from his hand and from his feet, so when he sits he sits do1vn having been forgiven. [Reported by Ahmad (5/252) and is hasan]…..

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