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The Penguin Dictionary Of ISLAM By Azim Nanji With Razia Nanji
📘 Book Title Dictionary Of Islam
👤 Book AuthorRazia Nanji
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Dictionary of Islam by Azim Nanji With Razia Nanji


He says;

A dictionary of this kind is essentially a work of synthesis, accessible to the general reader but resting on scholarship that draws on primary as well as secondary sources.

Our debt to this long-standing and still developing tradition is reflected partially in the Bibliography, which identifies and recommends those works available in the English language.

The Penguin Dictionary of Islam reflects the generally accepted forms of transliteration of the terms but without diacriticals.

 Cross-references are used to guide readers where there are English terms and equivalents from the Muslim traditions. A chronology enables the reader to see selected major events and turning points in Muslim history.

The synthesis is also the outcome of many years of teaching and lecturing in different parts of the world and my first debt of gratitude is to the different audiences, primarily enthusiastic but patient university students, for whom Islam had to be often summarized and synthesized in weeks if not days and hours.

Then there are academic colleagues, teachers, and friends from across the world who, in our interaction, have offered their insights and helped to sharpen my understanding, awareness, and expressions.

Over the last ten years, the Institute of Ismaili Studies has been my academic home and I am very grateful to all those who during that time made it a richly rewarding and stimulating environment for scholarship and learning.

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