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Discover Islam free pdf book download

  • Book Title:
 Discover Islam
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Discover Islam


Book Contents

  • Part 1: Life and Teachings of the Prophet MuhammadÎ
  • Arabia and the Prophet’s Early Years 4
  • The Search for the Truth 6
  • God-Oriented Life 10
  • Development of One’s Personality 13
  • The Character of the Prophet 16
  • Events from the Prophet’s Life in Makkah and Madinah 22
  • The Teachings of the Prophet 26
  • The Wisdom of the Prophet 33
  • The Prophet of Peace 37
  • Part 2: Spiritual Values from the Quran
  • An Introduction of the Quran 42
  • Spiritual and Intellectual Development 45
  • Reflections on Social Life 54
  • On Anger, Stress and Conflict 62
  • The Nature of Life and Death 72
  • Part 3: The Spirit of Islam
  • Discovery of God 85
  • The Creation Plan of God 98
  • Closeness to God 108
  • The Sacred Texts 116
  • The Five Pillars of Islam 127
  • Part 4: In Search of God A Most Evident Mystery 153
  • Does God Exist? 154
  • Man Does Not Stand Alone 171
  • God – A Source of Conviction 175
  • The Concept of Accountability 180
  • Part 5: The Purpose of Life
  • Human Destiny 184
  • Pre-death and Post-death Periods of Life 203
  • The Final Destination 218

God-Oriented Life

The meaning that life took on for the Prophet after the Truth came to him can be ascertained from these words: “Nine things the Lord has commanded me. Fear of God in private and in public; Justness, whether in anger or in calmness; Moderation in both poverty and affluence; That I should join hands with those who break away from me; and give to those who deprive me;

and forgive those who wrong me; and that my silence should be meditation; and my words remembrance of God; and my vision keen observation.” (Jami‘ al-Usul, Ibn al-Athir al-Jazari, hadith no. 9317)

These were no just glib words; they were a reflection of the Prophet’s very life. Poignant and wondrously effective words of this nature could not emanate from an empty soul; they themselves indicate the status of the speaker;

they are an outpouring of his inner being, an unquenchable spirit revealed in verbal form.

The Prophet once said: “A discerning person should have some special moments: a moment of communion with God; a moment of self-examination; a moment of reflection over the mysteries of creation; and a moment which he puts aside for eating and drinking.” (Sahih Ibn Hibban, hadith no. 361)

In other words, this is how a spiritually awakened person passes the day. Sometimes the yearning of his soul brings him so close to God that he finds something in communion with the Lord.

Sometimes fear of the day when he will be brought before the Lord for reckoning makes him reckon with himself. Sometimes he is so overawed by the marvels of God’s creation that he starts seeing the splendours of the Creator reflected therein.

Thus he spends his time encountering the Lord, his own self, and the world around him, while also finding time to cater for his physical needs.

These words are not a description of some remote being; they are a reflection of the Prophet’s own personality, a flash from the light of faith that illuminated his own heart.

These “moments” were an integral part of the Prophet’s life. One who has not experienced these states can never describe them in such a lofty manner.

The soul from which these words emanated was itself in the state that they describe; through words that state of spiritual perfection was communicated to others.

When the Prophet Muhammad discovered the reality of the world Hereafter, it came to dominate his whole life.

He himself became most desirous of the heaven of which he gave tidings to others, and he himself was most fearful of the hell of which he warned others.

Deep concern for the life to come was always welling up inside him. Sometimes it would surge to his lips in the form of supplication, and sometimes in the form of heartfelt contrition.

He lived on a completely different plane from that of ordinary human beings. This is illustrated by many incidents from his life.

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