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DON’T BE SAD pdf download

Book Title Dont Be Sad
Book Authoraaed ibn abdullah al qarni
Total Pages476
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Don’t be sad by ‘Aaidh ion Abdullah al-Qarni Translated by Faisal ion Muhammad Shafeeq


Book Description:

In “Don’t be Sad,” Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, translated by Faisal ibn Muhammad Shafeeq, offers a profound and insightful guide to overcoming pain, grief, and hardships that plague our lives. This book presents a collection of wisdom from various sources, including the Qur’an, the Sunnah, poetry, anecdotes, parables, and true stories, providing readers with dosages of inspiration and solace.

With a sincere desire to bring benefit, the author encourages readers not to judge the book hastily but to let sound logic and divine guidance arbitrate their judgment. “Don’t be Sad” serves as a therapeutic remedy for those seeking relief from sadness, offering remedies for worry, grief, a sense of failure, and hopelessness. It calls for embracing a positive and peaceful outlook on life, living it wholesomely and productively, in accordance with the intrinsic logic bestowed upon human beings.

This book reminds readers of Allah’s mercy, forgiveness, and countless favors and emphasizes sincere faith, belief in preordainment, and living in the present moment. It transcends religious boundaries and appeals to readers of all backgrounds, addressing universal feelings and emotions. The author draws wisdom from diverse sources, including the verses of the Qur’an, sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, stories, parables, poems, and the wisdom of Eastern and Western writers and philosophers.

In order to provide an uninterrupted reading experience, the book avoids footnotes, with the source of quotes mentioned within the text. Following the traditions of Islamic writers from centuries ago, the author refrains from citing page or volume numbers, focusing on the book’s inherent value instead. Whether you are searching for guidance, comfort, or a pathway to happiness, “Don’t be Sad” serves as an earnest invitation to embrace a positive attitude and discover true contentment in life.

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