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Dua of Qunoot

Dua of Qunoot

Dua of Qunoot is a form of supplication performed mainly during the Prayer of Subhi or during the Month of Ramdhan in Witri prayers by Muslims

Dua for Qunoot

Meaning of Dua

Dua is an Arabic word that literally means supplication.

In the Islamic context, Dua means supplicating to Allah. It is an act of worship. When we are making Dua we are asking Allah, invoking his blessing, At the same time, we are worshipping him.

Muslims pray five times a day. This kind of prayer is famously known as Salat. Salat is also a form of Dua. It includes praising, glorifying, asking, and worshiping the Creator Allah.

Meaning of Qunoot

Qunoot is an Arabic word. It revolves around the meaning of obedience and goodness. Ahmed bin Faris says: (Qaf, nun, and taa are a sound origin that indicates obedience and goodness in religion).

The basic principle of Qunoot is obedience. every uprightness in the path of religion was called Qunoot. Silence in prayer and focusing on prayers while praying can also be referred to as Qunoot.

Qunoot also means the obligation of obedience along with submission, as stated in the words of the almighty Allah:

{وَقُومُوا لِلَّهِ قَانِتِينَ} – البقرة – 238

 {And stand up for God obediently} – Al Baqarah – 238

Qunut also means devotion to worship. The Blessed and Exalted Allah said:

{إنَّ إبْرَاهِيمَ كَانَ أُمَّةً قَانِتًا} النحل – 120

 {Indeed, Abraham was a devout nation} An-Nahl – 120

Making Dua of Qunoot and its ruling in Fajr prayer.

Scholars including both al-Shafi’i and Malik  schools held that Qunoot in the Fajr prayer is Sunnah (a voluntary act of worship in Islam) at all times (of prayers).

This is based on the honorable hadith of the Messenger, peace be upon him: (The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, continued to perform Qunoot during Fajr until he left the world).

The Companions proceeded on this matter. For example, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, used to perform Qunoot in the morning prayer in the presence of the Companions and others.

Dua of Qunoot

One of the formulations of the supplication of Qunoot during Subh (Fajr) prayer is as follows:

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, used to teach us a supplication that we would supplicate in the Qunoot of the morning prayer.

 اللهمَّ اهدِنا فيمَن هدَيتَ وعافِنا فيمَن عافَيتَ وتوَلَّنا فيمَن توَلَّيتَ وبارِكْ لنا فيما أعطَيتَ وقِنا شَرَّ ما قضَيتَ إنَّك تَقضي ولا يُقضى عليكَ إنَّه لا يَذِلُّ مَن والَيتَ تَبارَكتَ ربَّنا وتَعالَيتَ).

O Allah, guide us with whom You have guided, and heal us with whom You have healed, and take care of us with those whom You have taken care of, and bless us with what You have given us, and protect us from the evil of what You have decreed. You judge, and you are not judged, for he does not humiliate those whom you have

 Blessed You are consecrated and exalted o our Lord

اللهمَّ إنَّا نستعينُكَ ونستغفرُكَ ونُثْنِي عليكَ الخيرَ كلَّهُ ونشكرُكَ ولا نَكْفُرُكَ ونخلَعُ ونترُكُ من يفجرُكَ اللهمَّ إيَّاكَ نعبُدُ ولكَ نُصلِّي ونسجُدُ وإليكَ نسعى ونَحْفِدُ نرجو رحمتَكَ ونخشَى عذابَكَ إنَّ عذابَكَ بالكفارِ مُلْحِقٌ

 (Oh God, we seek Your help and seek Your forgiveness, we praise You for all the good, we thank You, we do not disbelieve You, we disgrace and forsake those who slander You. O Allah, it is You we worship, and to You, we pray and prostrate, and to You we seek and cherish, we hope for Your mercy and fear Your punishment, for Your punishment is attached to the infidels.

Note: Contradicting views

There are some expressions that Imam Ahmad and Abu Hanifa, may God have mercy on them, held that Dua of Qunoot is not prescribed in the morning prayer or other prayers. They argued that it is limited to the Witr prayer only, which is a matter mentioned in the honorable hadith of the Messenger, peace be upon him: (The Messenger of God performed Qunoot for a month praying against one of the Arab tribes, then he left it (Qunoot)), In another hadith of the Messenger, peace be upon him: (On the authority of Abu Malik, he said to my father: O my father, you have prayed behind the Messenger of God – may God’s blessings and peace be upon him – and Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman bin Affan In Kufa, about five years ago, did they perform dua of Qunoot? He said: “Oh, my son! It’s an innovation.”

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