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Easy Arabic Grammar pdf download

Book Title Easy Arabic Grammar
Book AuthorJane Wightwick
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Easy Arabic Grammar


What is Arabic ‘grammar’?

Arabic ‘grammar’ will mean different things to different people.

To learners of Arabic as a foreign language it might mean the fundamentals of the language: whether there are genders, whether the noun or the adjective comes first, how the verb changes in the past and future, etc.

To more advanced Arabists and scholars it might mean the higher-level subtleties of Modern Standard or Classical Arabic.

To native speakers, it usually conjures up a subject studied at school, often hazily remembered lessons analysing sentences with a view to being able to spell and pronounce formal Arabic correctly.

What this book means by ‘grammar’ is a progressive knowledge of the structure of Arabic from the basic building blocks to some, but by no means all, of the more subtle nuances of Modern Standard Arabic.

Levels of formality

Learners of Arabic generally appreciate the difference between the various spoken Arabic dialects and the universal Modern Standard Arabic. What is not so well understood is that Modern Standard itself can be spoken and written at different levels of sophistication.

Although most Arabs can communicate in a form of standard Arabic and are aware that formal Arabic is pronounced with additional case endings, only scholars, media presenters and public speakers use these endings routinely.

This book includes Case Notes sections with additional explanations and activities covering the grammatical case pronounced in less formal contexts. You can use the book without reference to the Case Notes if you wish initially to acquire a more general understanding. Alternatively, you can study the Case Notes sections if you have an interest in this aspect of Arabic grammar and want to learn about it from the beginning.

How to use this book

This is a reference and activity book for all beginners and early intermediate students of Arabic, whether studying in a group or by themselves.

The book can also be used independently to improve understanding of the basics of grammar or to gain an overview of the structure of the Arabic language.

The book has a built-in progression. Explanations and activities draw only on structures already covered in previous units. Work your way through the units and measure your progress step by step.

Alternatively, if you are already studying Arabic you can use the relevant part of the book for extra practice on a particular point of grammar.

The main part of the book is divided into 20 units, each concentrating on an aspect of Arabic grammar. The units feature:

  • clear structural explanations
  • more than 100stimulating activities to practise particular grammar points
  • optional Case Notes explaining formal case endings (see above)
  • end-of-unit In Summary, highlighting the most important points of the unit for easy reference.

Answers to all the activities are also included in the final section of the book.

Book Description

book begins with a brief introduction to Arabic grammar, explaining the system of roots and how they are used to create various related words. The focus of the book, however, is on the fundamentals of Arabic grammar for beginners and early intermediate learners. The first unit introduces the concept of gender in Arabic nouns, which are either masculine or feminine. The book explains that feminine nouns usually end in the letter “a” or the “ta’ marbūța,” and provides examples of nouns that fall outside of these categories.

Unit 2 covers the use of the definite article JI (al-) in Arabic, which functions as the equivalent of “the” in English. The book explains that JI (al-) is added to a noun to make it definite and notes that it does not change based on gender. The book also introduces the concept of sun and moon letters, which affect the pronunciation of JI (al-) and provides examples of both types of letters.

Other units cover various aspects of Arabic grammar, including pronouns, plurals, adjectives, describing position, forming questions, possession, broken plurals, comparative and superlative, and the dual. The book also covers Arabic verbs in detail, including past, present/future, and irregular verbs, as well as forms of the verb, making verbs negative, and nouns and adjectives formed from verbs.

Throughout the book, readers will find clear explanations of grammar structures, as well as over 100 activities to practice specific grammar points. The book also includes optional Case Notes sections that explain formal case endings used in more formal, literary, or religious Arabic. Answers to all the activities are provided at the end of the book.

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