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Educating the Women and Nurturing them pdf download

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 Educating The Women And Nurturing Them
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Taqi-ud-Deen Hilaali
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Educating the Women and Nurturing them Lectured by Sh. Muhammad Taqiyyu ad-Deen Al-Hilali

Educating the Women and Nurturing

The Biography of the Prominent Scholar, Mohammad Taqiyyu Ad-Deen al-Hilali

His lineage

He is the Great Scholar, the Muhaddith, the Famous Linguist, the Expert Writer, the Great Poet, the Moroccant Traveler, the Pathfinder, the Salafi Shaikh, Muhammad Taqiyyu who is known as Muhammad Taqiyyu Ad-Deen, His kunyah is Abu Shakeeb

whereas be named his first child after the name of his friend Ameer Shakeeb Arsalan” Ibn Abdul Qadir, Ibn Tayyib, Ibn Ahmad, Ibn Abdul Qadir, Ibn Muhammad, Ibn Abdu-An-Nour, Ibn Abdu Al Qadir, Ibn Hilal, Ibn Muhammad, Ibn Hilal, Ibn Idris, Ibn Ghalib, Ibn Muhammad Al-Makkiy, Ibn Ismael, Ibn Ahmad, Ibn Muhammad, Ibn Abil Qasim, Ibn Ali, Ibn Abdu Al- Qawwiy, Ibn Abudu Ar-Rahman, Ibn Idris, Ibn Ismael, Ibn Suleiman, Ibn Musa Al-Kazwim, Ibn Ja’far As-Sadiq Ibn Al-Baqir, Ibn Ali Zain Al-Abideen, Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Ali and Fatimah the Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad & Sultan Hassan the first has approved this lineage on his arrival at Sajalmaasah in the year 1311 AH.

His upbringing

• The Shaikh was born in the year 1311 A.H. in a village called “Al-Farkh” also known as “Faidatu Al-Qadeemali” some miles away from Riyadh. It is one of the villages of Sajalmasab which is known today as Taafilaalit which is located at the southern part of the…….

Taking The Middle Course When Educating Women


This ideology is the moderate between the aforementioned ideologies. It has taken the good and the accurate of the two and has left their evil and their error. According to the followers of this ideology,

woman should first of all be educated with an education that is suitable for what she is created for, i.e. arranging the household affairs, and filling it with happiness and tidiness and making it a good foundation for nurturing pious sons and daughters.


We educate her in order for her to help her husband in his affairs of living, war and ethics. They said: “Verily the followers of the first ideology are excessive and the followers of the second ideology are remissive, we shall refute both of them and clarify their mistakes beginning with the followers of the first ideology.

Refutation of the First Ideology

Your prevention of woman from learning and restricting her to just learning how to read the letters of the Holy Qur’ân without comprehending its meaning is indeed far away from the propriety. I

t is un-Islåmic, irrational, and far away from the pure knowledge, though you have deemed that Islâm agrees with that and believed in it solely to the point that you have stated a flimsy weak hadeeth to prove your ideology, when this hadeeth has no manifestation in it according to the scholars of hadeeth.

And this is with regard to its chain of narration. But as for the fabrication in the meaning it’s obvious. For verily, the wives of the Prophet, the female companions, and those women who came after them were able to read and write.

They were preservers of hadeeth and scholars of Hadeeth whom the safe-guarders of hadeeth narrated from. You will even find in the books that contain names of narrators like “Tahdheeb At-Tahdheeb. Al-Mizan, Lisan Al-Mizan and Al- Khulasah” and before these books “the Tabaqaat of Ibn Sa’d” and more. All these books are filled with the names of women who were scholars, jurists and literates.

And this was during the era of Islâmic magnificence in which the banner of the Muslims was victorious while the army of their enemies were vanquished and destroyed But is for your forefathers, whom you want to imitate by making women ignorant, they were never worthy of being imitated.

Their era was the last era of ignorance, and all this pain that the Muslims undergo today are due to the evil consequence of their deeds. Even with that, we will not accept that the knowledgeable people from among your forefathers used to say these contemptible statements. How could they say this, when there were female scholars and literates in their era despite the fact that they were few in number and were not totally deprived of good.

As for your saying that the pen is one of the two tongues, and that the ignorance of woman with this tongue and her covering herself with a thick veil will grant her security from the evil of the two tongues. You have indeed made a serious mistake.

Do you not know that it is impossible to safeguard the female who did not have a good education even if she is placed in a safe place while she is deaf and blind?

Whereas the woman who is educated upon modesty and self-restraint, evil cannot reach her even if she is in the midst of men in a manner which is free from doubt; for verily the women used to escort their husbands to the battle field and the Prophet used to take his wives with him to battles and to perform pilgrimage.

The wives of the companions were not detained in their houses, rather they would go out to take care of their business if there is a need for it, they would feed their horse and they would work hard to make money. The women used to fight after the death of the Prophet The proof for that is written in the books of hadeeth. Therefore, we will not prolong in mentioning it, but that did not harm them because of the strength of their faith and their modesty

To make a long story short, learning how to read and write will neither corrupt the woman nor make her pious. If she is pious already, then learning how to read and write will be an extra weapon for her, but if her nurturing is already corrupted, then learning how to read and write will only increase her in corruption.

This is because having the knowledge of reading and writing is a tool that can be used for good and for evil at the same time.

As for learning Soorat- An-Nur, it is one of the greatest things by which Allah the Almighty disciplines the believing women. It is a great treasure, and a huge provision. It is upon the woman not to desert the whole Qur’an and study just Soorat-An-Nur.

The way of learning this Qur’an is by learning how to read, and reading will not be beneficial except with the understanding of the meaning, and the meaning cannot be understood, except by learning the grammar, the conjugation and the language.

These are all prerequisites of learning how to read and write but you have prohibited that. You (i.e. the people of the first ideology) are contradicting yourselves but you perceive not.

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