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Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set english

English Translation of Sunan Abu Dawud: 5 Volume Set Book page

📘 Book Title: English Translation Of Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set
👤 Book Author:Abu Dauda
🖨️ Total Pages3011
🏷️ Size of Book:49 Mb
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Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set English – Book Sample

About the Abu Dauda – Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set English

He is Abu Dawud, Sulaiman bin Al-Ash’ath bin Isbaq, bin Bashir bin Shaddad bin ‘Amr bin ‘Imran Al-Azdi As-Sijistani; ((There are some slight variations in his complete name according to those who wrote his biography.)) he was born in the year 202 after Hijrah ((Suw’aliit Abu ‘Ubaid Al-Ajjuri, see also all of the previously mentioned references.)) The biographers agree that he died in the year 275.

As-Sijistani is derived from Sistan, a region that today stretches from southeastern Iran to southwestern Afghanistan.

The term As-Sijizl is also used as an ascription for Sistan, hence sometimes Abu Dawud was called: “Abu Dawud As-Sijzi.” ((See Imam At-Tirmidhi’s comments in his Sunan, after numbers 466 and 716, and he narrated number 3604(8) from “Abii Dawud As-Sijzi.”))

He began to travel seeking Ahadith at a young age and made his way to Baghdad by the time he was eighteen years old. His journeys, seeking knowledge, took him through the lands of Khurasan, Al-Iraq, ‘Arabia, Ash­Sham, and Egypt.

His most famous teachers include Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ishaq bin Ibrahim, Yabya bin Ma’1n, Abu Bakr Ibn Ab1 Shaibah, his brother ‘Uthman bin Ab1 Shaibah, ‘Ali bin Al-Mad1n1, and ‘Abdullah bin Maslamah Al-Qan’abI, who was among those famous for reporting the Muw’atta’ of Imam Malik.

His most famous students include his son, Abu Bakr ‘Abdullah bin AbI Dawud, At-TirmdhI, An-Nasa’I, Abu Bakr Al-Khalal, Ar-RamahurmuzI, Ibn AbI Ad-Dunya’, Ad-Duwlabi, as well as those who narrate the Sunan from him – a discussion of which follows.

Selected Statements About the Author and His Book ((See the biographical references mentioned above.))

Al-Khattabi said: “The book of the Sunan, by Abu Dawud, is a noble book, there has not been another book written in the knowledge of the religion that is like it.”

And he said: “I heard Ibn Al-‘Arabi say – while we were listening to him (recite) this book; he pointed to the copy which was in front of him – ‘If a man does not have any knowledge with him, except that of the Mu:f/:taf in which is Allah’s Book, then this book, he would not have a need for any knowledge at all beyond the two of them.”‘

Al-KhattabI said: “Abu ‘Umar Multammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahid Az-Zahid – the companion of Abu Al-‘Abbas Ahmad bin Yaltya – informed me, he said: ‘Ibrahim Al-Harbi said: “When Abu Dawud wrote this book, Ahadith were made supple for him, just as iron was made supple for Dawud.” Meaning the Prophet Dawud, peace be upon him ((These narrations and statements of Al-Khattabi are taken from his introduction to Ma’iilam As-Sunan. The narrators in the chain for the last statement were all graded trustworthy by Al-Baghdadi in Tiinkh Baghdad, and each of them is confirmed to have heard from the one he is reporting from. Abu ‘Umar Az-Zahid was called “Tha’lab’s boy,” and Tha’lab is Ahmad bin Yahiya – – -Ash-Shaibani of Al-Kiifah – that -Al-Khattabi mentioned-:-))

Al-Hafiz Adh-Dhahabi said: “Along with his lmaamat in Hadith and its fields, Abu Dawud was among the major Fuqaha’, for his book proves that. He was among the distinguished companions of Imam Ahmad; he attended his lessons for a lengthy period of time, and he asked him about delicate issues, in both branches (Furu’) and fundamentals ( Uṣul), and he stayed upon the Madhhab of the Salaf, regarding following the Sunnah and submitting to it, and not delving into problematic Kalam.” ((Siyar A’liim An-Nubalii’, and by Kaliim he means the philosophical-theological issues termed: ‘llm Al-Kaliim.))

Those Who Narrate His Sunan – Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set English

There are many who heard Abu Dawud’s Sunan from him, those that are popular, or known to have reported it from him, are; Al-Lu’lu’I (Muhammad bin Ahmad), Ibn Dasah, (Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Bakr bin Muhammad), Ar-Ramli (Abu ‘Eisa Ishaq bin Musa), and Ibn Al-A’rabI (Abu Sa’eed Ahmad bin Muhammad). ((The versions narrated by Al-Lu’lu’i and Ibn Dasah are the most popular and most complete. Occasionally, the reader will notice a footnote in the translation indicating a variation based upon one of the versions, in addition, some comments of some of the other reporters of the Sunnan appear between square brackets.))

His Books

Other than his Sunan, his letter to the people of Makkah, explaining the conditions he adhered to in compiling his Sunan, and his Masa’il of Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawud is known to have authored the following: At-Tafanud, Al-Marasil, A ‘lam An-Nubuwwah, Az-Zuhd, and An-Nasikh wal-Mansukh. Abu ‘Ubaid Al-Ajurri compiled a book of questions that he asked Abu Dawud, entitled: Suwalatt Abu ‘Ubaid al-Ajjuri ‘an Abi Dawuda

Commentaries – Sunan Abu Dawud 5 Vol Set English

The most famous of commentaries on the Sunan of Abu Dawud is that of Al­KhattabL He is Abu Sulaiman Aamd bin Mul_rnmmad bin Ibrahim Al-Khattab Al-Khattabi Al-Busti. He heard from the previously mentioned Abu Sa’eed Ibo Al-A’rabi in Makkah, and Abu Bakr Ibo Dasah in Al-Ba􀀚rah, as well as other scholarsP1 He died in the year 388 after Hijrah.

His commentary is on an abridged selection of chapters and narrations of the Sunan, and it is said that his commentary is the first commentary on a Hadith book, hence its great rank and importance in the field of lf Hadith commentary. The name of his commentary is Ma’alim As-Sunan.

There are many other commentaries written for the Sunan, some of them published and others not yet published. Among them, that of Al-Mundhiri, who compiled an abridgment of Sunan Abf Diiwud with comments, Ibo Qayyim Al-J awzi, who compiled comments on an abridgment of the Sunan, As-Suyuti, Al-‘Aini, and Abu Al-Hasan As-Sindi. An-NawawI also compiled a commentary that they say was not completed, and it is among those that are lost.

The most famously cited commentary today, is that of Al-‘Allamah Abu Tayyib Muhammad Shams Al-Haqq Al-‘Azimabadi, entitled; ‘Awn Al-Ma’bud. This work contains comments taken from his larger collection, entitled: Ghayat Al-Maqsud, some of the larger collections is published.

His Objectives and Criteria

Regarding the level of narrators, he included in his Sunan, Abu Dawud said: “There are no abandoned (Matruk) Hadith narrators in the book of As-Sunan which I wrote, and when there is a Munkar hadith I clarified that it is Munkar, and there is nothing other than it which is similar for that topic.” And the meaning of Munkar is an odd narration, whose narrators are disparaged.

And, he mentioned the weak Ahadith in his book: “Whatever Hadith there is in my book that has a severe weakness, then I have clarified it, and whatever I did not mention anything about it, then it is Sahih (good), and some of them are more correct than others. “((These two statements are taken from Abii Dawiid’s letter to the people of Makkah))

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