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Explanation of the Superiority of Islam pdf download

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 Explanation Of The Superiority Of Islam
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Ibn baaz, Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab
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Explanation of the Superiority of Islam Written by Shaykh ul-Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab Explained by Al-Imaam ‘Abdul ‘Azeez bin Abdullaah bin Baaz – Book Sample

Explanation of the Superiority of Islam

The obligation of being satisfied with following the Book besides everything other than it

Allah says,

“And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur’aan) as an exposition of everything.” An-Nahl (16):89

An-Nasaa’ee and others have recorded that the Prophet (*) saw a page of the Torah in the hand of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattaab, so he said,

“Have you all become Mutahawwikoon O Ibn Al- Khattaab?! Indeed I have brought it (guidance) to you all, white and clean. If Moosaa were alive and you all followed him and abandoned me, you would have gone astray.”

In another narration he said, “If Moosaa were alive, he would have no choice but to follow me.” ‘Umar then said, “I am pleased with Allah as a Lord, Islaam as a religion, and Muhammad as a Prophet.”

10 This is clear in .His statement, Magnificent and Exalted is He (the English meaning is),

“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islaam, it will never be accepted ofhim.” Aal ‘Imraan (3):85

And in Hisstatement (the English meaning is):

“And let those who oppose the Messenger’s (Muhammad (ii)) commandment (i.e. his Sunnab — legal ways, orders, acts of worship, statements, etc.) (among the sects) beware, lest some Fttnab (disbelief, trials, afflictions, earthquakes? killing, overpowering by a tyrant, etc.) befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them.” An-Noor (24):63

And in His statement (the English meaning is),

“And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad (ii)) gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it).” Al-Hashr (59):7

Therefore, it is obligatory upon the entire Ummah to follow him. And if Moosaa, or ‘Eesaa, or anyone besides them (from the Prophets) were alive, they would have no choice but to follow him, because he was sent to all the people. Allaah said (the English meaning is),

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