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Factors for Rectifying Society pdf download

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 Factors For Rectifying Society
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Ibn baaz
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Factors for Rectifying Society – Book Sample

Factors for Rectifying Society

We seek refuge in Allah from all what causes His Anger and is against His Divine Legislation, He is the Most Generous. 0 brothers and sons, I want my speech to be brief and concise. The title of my speech is: Factors for Rectifying Society.

Society is in dire need of reform, both the Islamic and non-Islamic societies, however, specifically the Islamic society. It needs to follow the straight path, and to implement the factors, elements and means which lead to improvement. It needs to follow the way of the best creation, our prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

We know that the elements which can improve Islamic and non-Islamic society are the ones which the Prophet (peace be upon him) carried out, and the ones which were carried out by the companions, led by Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq, Umar al­ Fariiq, Uthman Dhu Nurayn and Ali al Murtadha Abu’l­ Hasan. And all the other companions may Allah be pleased with them and make us their followers.

We also know that these elements were carried out by the prophet (peace be upon him) in Makkah first and then in al-Madeenah. Nothing will improve the Ummah’s modern society apart from what improved the first society of this Ummah, as a number of scholars have stated, such as, Imam Malik ibn Anas, who was the Imam of al-Madeenah in his time and is one of the four imams.

He is the one who mentioned this statement, which has been approved by scholars in his time and after him:

The latter of the Ummah will only be rectified by that which rectified the former of the Ummah.

The meaning of this statement is that, what improved and bettered the first society of this Ummah, which is following the Qur’an· and Sunnah (tradition) of the prophet (peace be upon him), is what will improve the last society of this Ummah, until the Day of Judgment.

Whoever wants Islamic society to improve or any other society in this world, based on ways, means or elements different to those of the first people of the Ummah then they· are wrong and false as there is no other way to achieve this.

The way to improve people and make them follow the straight path is via the way of the prophet (peace be upon him), his companions and their followers in perfection until this day. This way gives interest and concern in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet

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