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Fatwas of Muslim Women pdf download

  • Book Title:
 Fatwas Of Muslim Women
  • Book Author:
Ibn Taymiyah
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Fatwas of Muslim Women by Ibn Taymyah Translated by: Sayed Gad Dar Al-Manarah

فتاوى النساء ابن تيمية


Table of contents

  • Translator’s note
  • Purification
  • Altered water because of its being in a place for a long time
  • Men and women having Ghusl (purificatory bath)
  • from the same container
  • Copper utensils inlayed with silver
  • Circumcision of women
  • Wiping over the head cover
  • Touching women
  • Touching the Holy Quran
  • Carrying the Holy Quran
  • Reading the Qur’an during puerperium (Nifas)
  • Prayer
  • Making up missed prayers
  • Is making up missed prayer better Than performing optional prayer ?
  • Woman’s ornament
  • Concealing women’s private parts from men and Women
  • Showing the face, the hands, and the feet before Strangers
  • Does a woman have to cover her hands in prayer?38
  • The uncovering of a woman’s hair during prayer41
  • A woman praying with the surface of her foot
  • Sewing silk for men and women and getting paid for it
  • Women’s wearing kaffiehs
  • The criteria of imitating the other sex
  • Women’s wearing turbans
  • Is a Christian woman to be buried among Muslims? 48
  • Zakah
  • Zakah of Jewelry
  • Zakah on a woman’s dowry
  • Can the grandmother be a legitimate recipient of Zakah if in debt?
  • Fasting
  • Is a pregnant woman, who is in no pain, allowed not to fast for the safety of her baby?
  • What is a fasting Muslim allowed to do?
  • What would break his fasting and what would not?
  • A man who could not fast or pray right before his death
  • Refraining from going to extremes in worshipping Allah
  • A woman going on a pilgrimage without unmarriageable kin
  • Can a woman go on a pilgrimage on behalf of another?
  • Can a woman who has already performed the pilgrimage go on a pilgrimage on behalf of a dead person and be paid for it?
  • Circumambulation of the Sacred House made by a menstruating woman
  • Attending ‘Arafah by a menstruating woman
  • A weak woman who spends the night in Muzdalifah
  • Circumambulation made by one who is ritually impure due to menstruation, seminal discharge or due to minor impurity ie not making ablution
  • Forbidding a menstruating woman to observe Fasting in Ramadan
  • Forbidding a menstruating woman to perform Prayer
  • Recitation of the Holy Qur’an by a menstruating Woman
  • Menstruation and I’tikaf (Seclusion in a Mosque for worship)
  • The prayer of a menstruating woman
  • From Endowment to Marriage
  • Is it permissible to build a second floor over a Mihrab (altar)?
  • Assigning a will or an endowment for one’s Neighbors
  • The unmarried reciter
  • Is it permissible to privilege some of the children with a portion of the estate to the exclusion of others?
  • Is it permissible to give to relatives from the estate?
  • A woman dwelling next door to a group of men and a man dwelling next door to a group or women
  • Circumambulation of the Sacred House
  • Assigning an endowment for the needy relatives of the deceased
  • Assigning the revenue of endowments for
  • shrouding the poor deceased
  • Gift and gratuity Charity and present
  • The Undefined Gift
  • A Woman Giving a Book to Her Husband as a Gift
  • Privileging one of her children from a different husband with a charity
  • The charity of a grandmother
  • The distribution of the estate
  • A father seizing the possession of his married
  • daughter after her death
  • Returning in a gift
  • A divorcee returning in her gift
  • A man returning in his gift which he made to
  • his wife after her death
  • Remitting a husband from the dower at the
  • wife’s death
  • A gift given to the wife and children
  • A father returning in his gift to his bad son
  • A bequest or an acknowledgment of a debt?
  • Making bequests of unequal shares to
  • one’s children
  • A postponed oath
  • Annulment of a bequest
  • Can a nephew be an heir?

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