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 From The Characteristics Of The Salaf
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Ahmed Fareed
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From the Characteristics of the Salaf – Book Sample

CONTENTS – From the Characteristics of the Salaf

  1. Sincerity in their knowledge and actions
  2. Pausing in word and action for correctness                       
  3. Entrustment of one’s affairs to Allaah                           
  4. Striving to maintain ‘a consistent nature                            
  5. Patience over tyranny and oppression                                   
  6. Accompanying the righteous                                             
  7. fear of being unjust to anyone                                          
  8. Remorse when ill                                                              
  9. Being reminded of death due to funerals                              
  10. Forgive and verlook the harms                                         
  11. Expanding the Muslims’ sanctity and loving                 
  12. Patience when annoy by their wives                              
  13. Forsaking leaders-hip                                                        
  14. Advising ·one another                                                        
  15. Good behavior to all                                                          
  16. Awe of Allaah                                                                            
  17. Practice of Night-prayer (tahajjud )’                                      
  18. Care in building the characteristics of the believers           
  19. Attaching priority to the works for the Hereafter              
  20. Remembrance of Allah & salutation upon the Prophet     
  21. Having tender hearts
  22. Fearing deficiencies in their Deen
  23. Little care about building homes
  24. Felt world not to be precious
  25. Not wasting anything balaal
  26. Considering their own actions to be sma
  27. fear of mistake of knowledge and guidance
  28. Asking about each other sincerely
  29. Fighting lblees (hattaan) Consider their own thankfulness Analysis pf piety
  30. Hiding the mistakes of others
  31. Complete intelligence
  32. Abundant si-lence and speaking wisely
  33. Silence and -fasting Prevention of backbiting
  34. Purity and conentration in prayer
  35. Hiding the secrets:
  36. Focusing on one’s own mistakes
  37. ………

Pausing in every word and action until establishing correctness:

From the morals and manners of-the Salaf was: their stopping at every ·word and action until they knew its ·weight in the Book and the Sunnah This was due· to the possibility that their statement or action could ·be from the innovations in the Deen not sanctioned by the Qur’ an ·and the Sunnah • Allaah the- Most High said, 􀀋! So· take what- the Messenger gives you and stop at what he forbids you Allah also says·, Let those beware who withstand the Order of the Messenger lest some trial cut painful punishment be inflicted on them [01]24:63

Sometimes ‘Umar ibn-ul-Khattaab·would be decid..

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