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Gems And Jewels pdf Download

gems and jewels
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 Gems And Jewels
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Abdul Malik Mujahid
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Sustenance – GEMS AND JEWELS

Among the signs of Faith is that one does not look to please others and incur Allah’s anger in that process. One avoids praising others for the sustenance that they have received from Allah (the Exalted), and also refrains from blaming others for sustenance that he has not received from Allah (the Exalted).

Allah’s distribution of provision is not increased for a recipient by the amount of greed or ambition that he shows, nor is it blocked by his hate or envy. Allah in His infinite justice grants provision and contentment for those with strength of Faith and satisfaction with what is divinely ordained.

“They have brought My Evil Deeds only.”

A Bedouin was accused of speaking too freely about the governor, and he was being led to him for judgment. The Bedouin knew that the followers of the governor were going to level at him many other accusations that he was not guilty of, so that they could be free of him and have him in prison.

And so he prepared a letter, in which he attempted to appease the governor and drive away from himself those accusations that were leveled at him. When he entered the gathering of the governor, he read many plots that were written on the faces of those who were present, and so he took the letter from his pocket and gave it to the governor. He said,

“Here take it and read my book,” but the governor did not read the letter and instead merely said, “This is only said on the Day of Judgment, and not to us.” The man quickly responded, “This day is worse than the Day of Judgment, for there both my good and evil deeds will be brought; as for your men, they have brought my evil deeds only, and have left off my good deeds.” The governor was impressed by his words and freed him.

“And He died!” – GEMS AND JEWELS

Ash’ab was about to relate a story to a ruler, and he began: “There was a man … ” But at that point he

noticed a tray of food being brought to them. He paused

as he was staring at the tasty food. The ruler said, “Yes … and then?” Ash’ab said,” And he died!”

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