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Good Argumentation with the Doubters of Islam pdf

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 Good Argumentation With The Doubters Of Islam
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Abdul-Majid Subh
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By Sheikh Abdul-Majid Subh Translated by Wa’il “Abdul Mut’aal Shihab


The book in hand is based on a certain occasion. During my visit to USA, on 21 December, 1997, as I was invited by the board of administrators of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq Mosque in Brooklyn, New York, my intimate friend, Hamid Nabawi, presented some questions to me. These questions were sent by some Christian missionaries intending to distort the image of Islam and challenge Muslims thereby. Undoubtedly, their attempts were in vain for they behaved like a naive man who strikes a piece of steel with his head thinking he could split it.

it is noteworthy that the challenge of these Christian missionaries was supported by the following two factors:

a)            Those missionaries have gotten partial knowledge of Islam, which, in turn, led them astray. Generally speaking, when knowledge adheres to whims, it will be· more harmful than ignorance i tself.

b)            The opponents of these missionaries have had no profound knowledge of Islam. They shouldered the task of defending Islam due to the lack of outstanding scholars in their countries. Their shortcomings, however, were revealed in many aspects. Following are some of these:

1-            They were not well-acquainted with their status quo as well as their beliefs.

2-            They erroneously thought that all those who disagreed with them in following their religion, Islam, had to be fought, killed, and boycotted. In so doing, they would defame the image of Islam.

3-            Their women’s state reflected their mis­understanding of Islam. Rather, what they used to acquire from Western women who wanted to know Islam presented their unawareness of the characteristics of Islam, even unwillingly and with good intention.

The above-mentioned aspects are not mere imagination, but everyone could behold them through personal experience.

The weakness of the opponents’ argumentation resulted in reinforcing the position of those missionaries to the extent that the latter would be tempted to increase their insults and rather feel that they would have the upper hand in the combat with Muslims; yet they were powerless and misled by the weakness of the former.

Due to his good-thinking of me, dear honorable brother in Islam, Hamid N abawi, asked me to start refuting the false claims and distortions of those Christian missionaries so as to highlight the truth and show the real essence of Islam.

I hope I could come up to his expectations and carry out this tremendous task, which is so difficult that a man like me could hardly fulfill.

However, keeping in mind the fact that Jihad and defending Islam by means of speech and writing become Fard ‘Ayn (Individual duty), that Allah is the Owner of Majesty and Generosity Who grants victory to the devout person, and that truth is evident and f alsehood is of groundless hasis, leads me to go on the patlı of truth believing that Allah alone can guide whom He wills to the straight patlı.

Islam, in itself, is light that comprises no darkness and plain truth that embraces no falsehood; but sight, due to blindness or unconsciousness, may not be able to see the manifest light of the sun in a sunny shining day. Therefore, the attempts and conspiracies of the deviated people could by no means blemish Islam and its Messenger or tarnish their image. Addressing His Messenger in the Glorious Qur’an, Allah, Most High, says,

So put thy trust in Allah: far thou art on (the Path of) manifest Truth. Truly thou canst not cause the dead to listen, nor canst thou cause the deaf to hear the call, (especially) when they turn back in retreat. Nor canst thou be a guide to the blind, (to prevent them) {rom straying: only those wilt thou get to listen who believe in Our Signs, and they will bow in Islam.) (An-N anıl: 79-81)

Thus, the aforementioned circumstances have motivated me to write down these papers with the intention of drawing the attention of Muslims, particularly those who live in the West, to the appropriate way of understanding and dealing with non-Muslims. Also, this work proves the existence of the Islamic identity and paves the way for those who seek honor by means of sticking firmly to this religion, Islam.

To achieve these goals, I have divided this book into two chapters:

Chapter One: The Rules and Methodology of Argumentation Adopted by the Glorious Qur’an in Contrast with the Methodology of the Christian Missionaries.

Chapter Two: Distortions about Islam: The Questions and Claims of the Christian


The Rules and Methodology of Argumentation Adopted by the Glorious Qur’an in Contrast with the Methodology of the Christian Missionaries In this chapter, I will try to shed light on and analyze the following points:

1-            The Glorious Qur’an adopts the sound argumentation and lays down its rules and methodology, and explains its fruits.

2-            Those who distort Islam do not adhere to a sound methodology.

3-            How should we deal with those who violate the rules of sound argumentation?

4-            Those who distort Islam are blind imitators.

5-            But, still there are fair-minded persons.

6-            The goals of the Christian missionaries.

Christian missionaries should examine their own scriptures and books before defaming ours?

The Glorious Qur’an Adopts the Sound Argumentation

The Glorious Qur’an, the Book of Allah, adopts the sound argumentation and lays down its rules and methodology, and explains its fruits.

It is taken for granted that intellectuals’ and scholars’ meetings and argumentation lead mostly to knowing the truth. More specifically, such meetings and argumentation will be more fruitful when held between intellectuals and scholars of different religions.

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