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Haqiqat al-Afkar – The Reality of the Thoughts (part ) pdf

Haqiqat al-Afkar - The Reality of the Thoughts
Book Title Haqiqat Al Afkar The Reality Of The Thoughts Part
Book AuthorMuḥammad ibn Jāvēd Iqbāl ibn Mīr Iqbal Alī ibn Mīr Siddique Alī ibn Mīr Hamza Alī
Total Pages57
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Haqiqat al-Afkar – The Reality of the Thoughts (part ) Written by: Muḥammad ibn Jāvēd Iqbāl ibn Mīr Iqbal Alī ibn Mīr Siddique Alī ibn Mīr Hamza Alī – Muharram  – Safar ,  / July  – August ,

Haqiqat al-Afkar – The Reality of the Thoughts (part )

Book Contents

  • The reward of the Non-Muslims
  • Staying away from sins
  • Innovations
  • Reciting Ayatul Kursi upon completing the prayer
  • Submitting to Allah
  • Trusting Allah’s plans
  • The love of this world
  • Fighting shaytan
  • Upon waking up
  • Transliteration of the Quran
  • Reciting the Quran with difficulty
  • The influence of friends
  • ْيِ:ه ٱلَّساَلُم) s’Prophet The
  • لَعَ (advice on having friends
  • A beautiful supplication
  • Believing in Qadar
  • Preparing for the hereafter
  • The reality of this life
  • The delusion of this world
  • Using knowledge to argue
  • The ruling on using amulets
  • Leaving prayer
  • ْيِ:ه ٱلَّساَلُم) Yusuf Prophet of beauty The
  • (َعَل
  • Allah is the All-Knowing
  • Tie it, then rely upon Allah
  • How Allah answers our duas
  • Islam and Logic
  • Hardships and Temptations
  • The heat of Jahannam (hell)
  • ْيِ:ه ٱلَّساَلُم) Prophet The
  • لَعَ (was sent as a teacher
  • Sleeping after Asr
  • Jealousy and its cure
  • Thanking Allah
  • Four characteristics of a hypocrite
  • Love for the Ansar
  • Hypocrisy among us
  • Parenting
  • Islam and Family
  • Changing your ways
  • The reality of this life
  • Being patient
  • Knowledge
  • Knowing what Allah Has made obligatory upon us
  • Ahmadis
  • Three people who are not held accountable for their actions
  • Hand-practice and its cure
  • The times we live in
  • Upon seeing the moon
  • The perfect creation of Allah

Book Description

“Haqiqat al-Afkar – The Reality of the Thoughts” is a profound and enlightening book written by brother Muḥammad ibn Jāvēd Iqbāl ibn Mīr Iqbal Alī ibn Mīr Siddique Alī ibn Mīr Hamza Alī. Embark on a spiritual journey through the pages of this work, as it delves into the depths of Islamic wisdom, guiding readers towards a more profound understanding of faith and devotion.

Spanning the months of Muharram to Safar, a period of introspection and spiritual significance, this book encompasses a wide array of topics that resonate with the modern Muslim seeking a deeper connection with Allah. From the rewards awaiting Non-Muslims to the importance of staying away from sin, the book offers insights into the practices and mindset that pave the way to a more fulfilling and spiritually enriching life.

Through meticulously curated chapters, the author explores themes such as the significance of reciting Ayatul Kursi after completing prayers, the essence of submission to Allah, and the invaluable lesson of trusting in Allah’s divine plans. Delve into the intricate dynamics between worldly desires and devotion, learning to combat the influence of Shaytan and awaken each day with a renewed sense of purpose.

“Haqiqat al-Afkar” doesn’t shy away from addressing the contemporary challenges faced by Muslims. The discussions range from the role of Islam and logic in our lives to navigating hardships and temptations with unwavering faith. The book also offers a unique perspective on the concept of family within the context of Islam, shedding light on parenting, love for the Ansar, and the significance of fostering genuine connections with loved ones.

Amid the teachings on faith and spirituality, the book delves into the practical aspects of Islam, addressing various issues like using amulets, leaving prayers, and understanding the concept of Qadar. With wisdom drawn from the Quran and Hadith, readers are guided through the nuances of Islamic jurisprudence and belief.

“Haqiqat al-Afkar” is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to strengthen their faith, broaden their knowledge of Islamic teachings, and gain insights into the intricate tapestry of life’s spiritual dimensions. It encapsulates the essence of devotion, patience, and the unending quest for understanding in a world fraught with distractions. Let this book be your guiding light towards a deeper connection with Allah and a more meaningful existence.

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