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History Of Islam 1. Pdf Download

History Of Islam 1
Book TitleHistory Of Islam 1
Book AuthorAkbar Shah Najeebabadi
Total Pages515
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By Akbar Shah Najeebabadi
Revised by Safi-ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri
Edited by Abdul Rahman Abdullah Formerly Raymond J. Manderola Fordham University, USA and
Muhammad Tahir Salafi

History Of Islam 1 by Muhammad Elkhalafy

Contents of the Book

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Need of History
  • Benefits of History
  • Preservation of Martial Characters through History
  • History and Family Virtues
  • Historian
  • Readers of History
  • Sources of History
  • Types of History
  • Historical Ages
  • Islamic History
  • History of Histories
  • Beginning of History
  • The History of Islam
  • Real Beginning of History
  • History of Sultanate
  • Personality and Democracy
  • Democratic Rule
  • Autocratic Hereditary Rule
  • Autocratic Democratic Rule
  • Our Starting Point
  • Relation between History and Geography
  • Chapter – 1
  • The Country of Arabia
  • Situation and Physical Features
  • Climate and Inhabitants
  • Ancient Peoples of Arabia
  • Arab BS’idah
  • Arab ‘Aribah
  • Arab Musta’ribah
  • Adnan Tribes
  • How Abdul-Muttalib was named
  • Family of Abd Manaf
  • Moral Condition of Arabia
  • Assertions of Dignity
  • Months of Peace
  • Faith and Religion
  • Idolatry
  • Sacrifice
  • Star-Worshipping
  • Soothsaying
  • Omens
  • Fighting

About the Book

This book was originally written in the Urdu language in 1922 (1343 AH) by Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. This was the time about 25 years before the partition of Indian Subcontinent into Pakistan and India.

 For the purpose of brevity, the compiler has presented the authentic events in concise form from the famous histories of Islam written in the Arabic and Persian languages by the great Muslim historians like Tabari, Ibn Athir, Mas’udi, Abul-Fida’, Ibn Khaldun and Suyuti, apart from getting benefited from the authentic books of Ahadith for the compilation of the part about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad So, this compilation is actually the extract of the works of the famous Muslim historians.

Although Islam, the religion of Allah, has been sent from the beginning with Adam 8, the father of man, but it is recognized as the religion which our Prophet Muhammad brought to the mankind. So, this compilation has the mention of our Prophet in the start.

 After that, useful information has been added about history, its beginning and its benefits, and some mention of the best possible ruling system for mankind has been presented which Islam advocates. Then the book takes its course of history from the conditions prevalent in Arabia before Islam, and moves forward to the Prophet’s life history, the Rightly-Guided Caliphate and then to the other caliphates and kingdoms after it.

This book was the need of the time to present the true Islamic events and their actual causes before the English readers because other books in English found on the Islamic history have been written by such authors and compilers who did no justice in presenting the true picture of Islamic Era but their prejudice prevented them from doing

We hope that the readers will find this compilation of great help in the study of Islamic history. The famous scholar Safi-ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri has revised the Urdu edition before its translation to check the authenticity aspect.

The translation was done by the Translation Department of Darussalam, and every care has been taken to reproduce the events and the names of the persons and places as accurately as possible

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