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Ibn al-‘Arabi’s Barzakh

Ibn al-'Arabi's Barzakh
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 Ibn Al Arabis Barzakh
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Ibn al-'Arabi, Salman H. Bashier
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Sufism and Deconstruction: A Comparative Study of Derrida and Ibn ‘Arabi

Ibn al-‘Arabi’s Barzakh – Book Sample

Contents – Ibn al-‘Arabi’s Barzakh

Acknowledgments xi

List of Abbreviations xiii

Introduction 1

  1. Ibn al->Arabi’s Liminal (Barzakhi) Theory of Representation:
  2. An Outlook from the Present Situation 11
  3. Presentation and Representation: Complementary Elements
  4. in the Mystical Experience 11
  5. Carter’s View 15
  6. Rorty’s Antirepresentational Stand 19
  7. Ibn al->Arabi’s Stand                                                                           22
  8. Wasserstrom’s Criticism of Mystocentrism 25
  9. Creation ex nihilo, Creation in Time, and Eternal Creation:
  10. Ibn Sinå versus the Theologians                                                             29
  11. Creation ex nihilo in the Qur’ån 29
  12. Creation ex nihilo, Creation in Time, and Islamic Theologians 31
  13. Ibn Sinå’s Answers to the Theologians’ Arguments                            36
  14. Ibn Sinå on the Possible- and the Necessary-of-Existence                 38
  15. Ibn Sinå’s Distinction between Essence and Existence                      40
  16. Ibn Rushd versus al-Ghazåli on the Eternity of the World                     43
  17. Between The Incoherence of the Philosophers
  18. and The Incoherence of the Incoherence 43
  19. The First Proof 45
  20. The Second Proof 49
  21. The Third Proof 51
  22. Ibn Rushd’s Doctrine of Eternal Creation:
  23. The Emergence of the Problem of the Limit 52
  24. Mysticism versus Philosophy: The Encounter
  25. between Ibn al->Arabi and Ibn Rushd                                                     59
  26. Mysticism between Theology and Philosophy 59
  27. An Interpretation of the Encounter between Kha∂ir
  28. and Moses from Ibn al->Arabi’s Perspective                                       60
  29. The Encounter between Ibn Rushd and Ibn al->Arabi                         66
  30. The Barzakh 75
  31. The Intermediate State (Barzakh) in the Qur’ån
  32. and in the Canonical Tradition 75
  33. The Barzakh in the Exegesis of the Qur’ån
  34. and in Scholastic Theology 80
  35. Plato’s Theory of the Forms 83
  36. Ibn al->Arabi’s Definition of the Barzakh                                            86
  37. Ibn al->Arabi versus Ibn Sinå: Two Conceptions of the Relative        92
  38. The Third Entity: The Supreme Barzakh 97
  39. Plato’s Form, The Mu>tazilites’ Nonexistent,
  40. and Ibn al->Arabi’s Fixed Entity                                                          97
  41. Plato’s Introduction of the Receptacle 99
  42. Ibn al->Arabi’s Introduction of the Third Thing                                102
  43. The Problem of the Creation of the World Revisited 106
  44. The Perfect Man: The Epistemological Aspect of the Third Thing 113
  45. The Perfect Man as the Conclusion of Divine Love 113
  46. The Perfect Man as the Possessor of Divine Knowledge 117
  47. The Logic of the Knowledge of Perfection 122
  48. The Limit Situation 129
  49. On Knowing the Waystation of “In The Articulations is the Knowledge of the Stairs” 12

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