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Imam Razis ilm al-akhlaq pdf download

 Imam Razis ilm al-akhlaq
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 Imam Razis Ilm Al Akhlaq
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Abii ‘Abd Allah, Abii al-Faḍl , Muhammad ibn ‘Umar al-Razi (d. 606/1209), well-known as Imam Razi and Fakhr Razr, is one of the greatest exponents of Islam of all ages and is rightly regarded as the Ḥujjat al-Islam, the proof of Islam, after Imam Ghazzali. This great encyclopaedist excelled his contemporary scholars aii a philosopher, historian, mathematician, astronomer. physician, theologian and exegesis. He has so far not received due attention from the orientalists, not even from the Muslim scholars. His magnum opus, known as al Tafsir al-Kabir, and other valuable works like .K. al­ Muhaṣṣal, and Lubab al-Isārat have been popular among the students of Islamic sciences.

For his erudition and scholarship, he was favoured with the title of Shaykh al-Islam, and there gathered around him a large number of disciples and admirers including kings, rulers and learned judges and sufis.

His Life

Born at Rayy-Jibal in a Shafi’ite and Ash’arite family on the 25th Ramazan 543 or 544/1149-50, Imam Razi was educated by his father, Ḍiya’ al-Din ‘Umar, celebrated as Khatib al-Rayy and hence his title “Ibn Khatib al-Rayy.” Imam Razi studied Islamic Sciences with his father till the latter died’. He studied with al-Kamal al-Simni ni1 for a period, returned to Rayy to study with al-Majd al-Jili whom he accompanied to Maraghah reading for a long time Philosophy and ‘Ilm al-Kalim. It issaid that the Imam could read the theological treatise al-S”4mil fl ‘Upil al-Din of Imam al-Ḥaramain from his memory. The chain of his teachers in Fiqh and ‘U!1iil goes back to Im’am Shafi’i and that of his teachers in theology to Imam Abu’l-Ḥasan al-Ash’a n1 •

Having mastered philosophy, Kalam and other Islamic sciences, -Imam Razi travelled to Bukhara, Khwarazm and Mawara’ al-Nahr (Transoxiana) and held discussions with the local savants who were impress­ ed by his memory, forceful speech and irrefutable arguments, but. Compelled him to leave their cities.

Razi undoubtedly passed his early days in troubles and turmoils and, as Ibn al-Qifµ has it7, he fell ill and remained in a sad plight in some unknown madrasah at Bukhara. He was, however, helped by some of his friends who collt.cted some amount of Zakit from their fellow traders for him.

According to Ibn Kh allikan8, Imam Rizi returned from Khwirazm to Rayy and stayed with a wealthy, experienced · physician who had two daughters. The physician married his daughters to two sons of Imam Rizi, and on hisdeath, left the whole property to the sons of the Imam who thus became very rich, a statement which is incredible. Al-Qifti’s statement seems more convincing when he says that from Bukhara Imam Rizi travelled to K,hurasin where he had the chance of meeting the famous Khwarazm Shih Mu}:tammad ibn Takush who made him his associate and favoured him with power and position. Imam Rizi, thus, settled t Herat, possessed property and begot children. Biographers agree on th point that Imam Razi’s sons were still receiving

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