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Islam and Christianity in the Modern World pdf download

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 Islam And Christianity In The Modern World
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Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman
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SUPERSTITION AND PERSECUTION- Islam and Christianity in the modern world

WE might broadly classify the parties in the so-called Christendom into groups: (1) Free­ thinkers, Atheists and Agnostics; (2) Orthodox Christians; (3) Modernist Christians (4) Non­Christian Theists; (5) Converts to the non-Christian religions.

Ever since the conversion1 of Constantine and the establishment of Christianity as the state religion of the Byzantine Empire, two factors have played a most conspicuous ·part in the history of the Christian Church, viz., Superstition and Persecution.

it is an undeniable fact that the rise of Christianity synchronized with the extinction of the last flames of Greco-Roman intellectual culture and the sub­ sequent commencement of that dark and semi-. barbaric era of European history in which both intellectual enlightenment and moral earnestness were wanting.

wretched Europe’s condition

How wretched Europe’s condition became and remained until recent times can be read in Mailman’s Latin Christianity. Gibbons Decline anıl Fail of the Roman Empire, Professor Lecky’s History of European M ora/s and Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe, Draper’s Conflict between Religion and Science, and a number of other standard books.

That Christianity was directly and mainly res­ponsible for that mental and moral degeneration of Europe is borne out by the fierce and prolonged war which she waged against the forces of enlighten­ment and progress. The following is a typical incident which occurred in the early, stages of the conflict: ‘in the” streets of Alexandria; before the eyes of the civilized world,

the noble woman of antique’\lity was slaughtered with nameless horrors by a Christian who bears the title of saint in the annals of Christen­dom, and the who, in modem trines, has found an apologist. The eloquent pages of Draper famish a vivid account of the atrocious crime which will always remain one of the greatest blots on Christianity.

A Beautiful woman – – Islam and Christianity in the modern world

A beautiful, wise, and virtuous woman, whose lecture room was full to overflowing with the wealth and fashion of Alexandria, was attacked as she was coming out of her academy by a mob of zealous pro­fessors of Christianity. Amidst the fearful yelling of tb􀉞· defenders of the faith she was dragged from her chariot, and in ‘the public street stripped naked. Paralyzed with fear, she was hauled into an adjoining church, and there killed by the club of ‘saint’. The poor naked corpse was outraged and then dismembered; but the diabolical crime was not completed until they had scraped the flesh from the

bones with oyster shells 8Jld cast the remnants into the fire. Christendom honored with canonization the fiend who instigated this terrible and revolting atrocity, and the blood of martyred Hypanthia was avenged only by the sword of Amru (the Muslim conqueror of Egypt)!”1

The Roman Catholic Fathers vied with each other in denouncing secular learning as Satanic. St. Augustine in his Retraction stigmatized Plato and Platonists as “impious men.” Pope Gregory, in a letter to Desiderius, bishop of Nicene, wrote: “Meter tab t, we heard a thing that cannot be repeated without a of shame, namely, that you are teaching

At another place in the same letter he described even elementary secular culture as “horrible and execra­ ble.” The Parliament of Paris (1624) prohibited under pain of punishment any improved chemical research. The Papal Bull issued in the enlightened nineteenth century (1864) laid down the law: “H any one says that the Roman Pontiff”, can and ought to i’econcile himself with progress, liberalism, and modem civilization, jet him be anathema; “2

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