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Islam and Ecology pdf download

Book Title Islam And Ecology
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Islam and Ecology


Life cycles & pollution main table

OZONE layer: gases in the atmosphere absorb some of the sun’s heat reflected by earth’s surface and radiate them back. They act as sunscreen against ultra violet rays.

When sunlight hits the atmosphere, about 30% is reflected back into space; 1/2 heats the earth; 1/4 sets in motion water cycle, the winds and water currents; 0.02% is used by plants


Septic systems cause disease-carrying bacteria To leak into ground and surface water.

Most 90,000 landfills leak into soil.

Nuclear power plants produce thousand cubi meters of radioactive wastes every year.

Hazardous wastes from homes (oven cleaners, paint, aerosols, etc.) are another source of pollution.

Carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere, creating a blanket that traps heat that would radiate in outer space

This greenhouse effect could raise the temperature of the Earth and could cause damage to the biosphere.

In the clouds, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide combine to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

This acid rain falls when it is raining, snowing, etc., damaging the global ecosystem.


Pesticides, fertilizers hormones and other agricultural chemicals leak into rivers, and upset the balance of the soil.

Mine runoff are great source of pollution (principally coal mines).

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