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Islam and English Law pdf

Islam and English Law: Rights, Responsibilities and the Place of Shari’a

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 Islam And English Law
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Robin Griffith-Jones
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An editor gladly and gratefully incurs many debts. Many of the chapters in this book have grown (almost beyond recognition) from public discussions held in the Temple Church. The discussions were organised jointly by Ian Edge, Barrister and Director of the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and by myself.

The series was part of the Festival mounted by Inner and Middle Temple to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the Letters Patent from James I which entrusted the Temple Church to the Inns’ care. It is above all the Inns themselves, their setting and their sustained encourage- ment that have made possible this whole project from its inception, the lecture by the Archbishop of Canterbury shown in the frontispiece.1

The series was generously supported by CIM Investment Management, The JC Baker Trust, The Yves Guihannec Foundation, The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Golden Bottle Trust.

Further chapters for this book were commissioned from academic and practising lawyers whose work has added greatly to the breadth, depth and value of the whole.2

Several colleagues have been loyal friends to the book and to myself in its gestation: in particular, John Bowen, Christopher McCrudden, Mark Hill, Stephen Hockman, Aina Khan and Robin Knowles. Laura Morris and Finola O’Sullivan at Cambridge University Press have been warmly supportive throughout. Here at the Temple Church, Liz Clarke, Catherine de Satgé, Henrietta Amodio and Frank Wright have given patient and valuable help.

Kim Elcoate May has, by her assiduous accuracy, saved colleagues and myself much time.

The discussions themselves engendered a further series of round-table conversations on English and Muslim family law, chaired by Stephen Hockman, that have led steadily to the participants’ closer co-operation and deeper understanding of each others’ priorities, concerns and hopes. These conversations have been models (not of seeming agreement but) of honesty; it is our hope that what we have gained from the public discussions, from the round-table conversations and from all our contributors we can, in this present volume, offer to our readers…

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