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Islam and the Five Basic Human Values pdf

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 Islam And The Five Basic Human Values
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Farida Khanam
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Islam and the Five Basic Human Values


Book’s Introduction

The author says: For some time now, we have been thinking of taking out a book on Islam and Human Values with Sai International Centre for Human Values.

A book like this is important to clear the misconceptions about Islam that have been emerging for many years. So much so that people have started thinking that Islam and Human Values are not synonymous.

I have planned my book keeping in view this most urgent, present day requirement. I want to present a book which is not just a repetition of the books already written, but one whose aim would be to fulfil modem intellectual requirements, bringing out the importance of Human Values in Islam.

In present times, owing to certain global concerns, the propensity to study Islam has greatly increased. All over the world, curiosity has been aroused as to what exactly is meant by Islam.

What is urgently needed, therefore, is an objective, in-depth study of Islam-one which presents Islam as it actually is, uncompromisingly and without bias.

It is in order to meet this need­ in particular, to show how Islam can meet the challenge of violence­ that I have undertaken the venture of presenting Islam as it is in the light of Prophet’s life and teachings. Farida Khanam


The Importance of Learning

The Prophet of Islam said: Every Muslim, man and woman, is duty­ bound to acquire learning. This tradition of the Prophet shows the importance of learning in Is lam. Learning is necessary for the realization of God. That is why acquisition of learning is held to be a duty for all.

Learning increases one’s consciousness. Learning is responsible for the breadth and depth of one’s thinking, it enables one to understand the deeper realities, to enrich oneself from the experiences of others and to elevate one’s intellectual level.

Learning is essential for religious and spiritual development. Setting off the process of intellectual development, it brings maturity to one’s thinking. Without learning, one can neither study the sacred books, nor can one be aware of the history of man and the universe. In short, learning brings man from the level of the animals to the level of human beings.

The Aptitude for Learning

The second caliph, Umar Faruq, used to learn something from everyone he came in contact with . In other words, the learning process was active in him all the time.

However, this is possible only when one meets others with open minds, when one tries to learn from them instead of always wanting the others to learn from oneself.

It is essential for this learning process to continue uninterruptedly. The learner should be free of biased thinking, and should not wallow in self-glory .

His attitude should be such that he wastes no time in taking in whatever good he receives from anyone, whatever the source. Whenever a mistake is made clear to him, he should immediately rectify it to compensate for his shortcomings.

The role of the recipient in this process of learning is far more important than the role of the giver or teacher. The more he possesses this quality of right thinking, the more he will be successful in learning from others.

At every moment, knowledge and inspiration are being showered by God on this world. Man has only to be open-minded enough to receive them.

The Treasure-house of Knowledge

The Prophet of Islam said that wisdom is a believer’s own lost property. He should accept it wherever he finds it. This tradition expresses the universality of learning. This means that learning belongs to all mankind.

It is a common treasure house. It is not the monopoly of a particular person or group. It can be likened to the sun. Everyone has the right to

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