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Islam consists of God’s Guidance to humanity.

It is not the religion of any particular people. It does not belong to any specific land.

All prophets of God, in all ages and at all places, preached this very religion.

The last, latest and revised edition of this religion was revealed to Muhammad of Arabia (peace be upon him).

He performed his mission in the best possible manner and established a civilization on the foundations of Islam.

 Arabs became the standard-bearers of this ideology, and they rose from oblivion to become, by its grace, a world power to be reckoned with.

From Arabia this religion was disseminated to other peoples and other lands.

When Arabs became disregardful of their duty towards the Lord, other peoples stepped ahead to uphold the banner of Islam.

Egyptians, Spaniards, Saljuks, Kurds, Berbers, Turks, Indians, Mangols, etc. entered the fold of Islam, upheld its banner and served its cause.

All of them made a name for themselves, in their own times. Islam is not the monopoly of a certain people.

It belongs to the whole of humanity. Who knows what other people of the East and the West will embrace it and become the spear-head of Islamic revival and the pioneers of a twentieth century world-renaissance.

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