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Islam: The Creator of The Modern Age pdf download

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 Islam The Creator Of The Modern Age
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Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Islam: The Creator of The Modern Age


The author writes: The year was 1965 and I was on a visit to Lucknow.

There I met a highly educated non-Muslim, who not only did not believe in religion, but who also considered religious discussions quite meaningless. In the course of the conversation, he put this question to me:

 “If Islam had never come into being, would there have been anything seriously lacking in world history?” I spontaneously replied, “Yes. There would have been the same shortcomings as existed before the advent of Islam.” My answer silenced him.

Then he had to concede that from the historical standpoint, all that would generally come under the heading of progress had not existed in the pre-Islamic era.

All this had come to the world only after the emergence of Islam. He still had his doubts, however, as to how all progress was related to the historical event, which is called Islam, or the Islamic revolution.

It is this historical question, which this book endeavours to place in its proper perspective by making a thorough investigation of the connection between the Islamic revolution and modern developments.

Even those aspects of the subject have been dealt with which have only an indirect bearing on the subject.

There can be no doubt that Islam, in essence, is the discovery of such divine guidance as shows man the path to eternal success in the Hereafter.

 Scientific and industrial developments may not be directly related to the aims and objectives of Islam, but it is nevertheless an indisputable fact that they are major offshoots of the Islamic revolution.

Had the Islamic revolution never seen the light of day, scientific and industrial developments would also have remained unrealized.

The main purpose of a tree is to bear fruit. But, when it is fully grown, it also gives man shade. The same is the case with Islam.

 The main purpose of Islam is to open the door of divine guidance to human beings, so that they can come closer to their Lord. But Islam is complete truth.

And when such truth reveals itself, it not only becomes the source of all blessings for mankind—directly as well as indirectly but it also gives guidance, which is of great practical utility.

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT                                    

God created a perfect world. Then He created man in perfect form. Next He commanded man to live in the world and make use of everything he found in it.

Man was told, moreover, that there was only one Creator who should be worshipped. Man was to worship this God alone, and none else besides Him.

But man went astray. He began to worship anything, which was visibly prominent, such as rivers, mountains, etc.

He could not continue to make an invisible God the centre of his attention. Worse, his inclination towards visible gods went on increasing. Anything large and impressive was regarded either as a god, or as possessing divine attributes.

This engendered, on the one hand, the concept of the sacredness of certain personalities and, on the other, the practice of nature worship, or pantheism.

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