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Islam The Perfectly Complete Religion pdf download

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 Islam The Perfectly Complete Religion
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Muhammad Al-Ameen Al-Shanqette
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Contents Islam: The Perfectly Complete Religion


  • One: Taubid Ar-Rububiyyab
  • Two: Taubid Al-Ulubiyyab
  • Three: Tawhid Al-Asmaa wa As-Sifat The second issue: Al-Wadh The third Issue:  The Differentiation Between Righteous Deeds and Unrighteous deeds
  • The fourth Issue: Ruling with other than the Shariah (Islamic Law)
  • The fifth Issue: The Social Conditions of Society
  • The sixth Issue: The economy
  • The seventh Issue: Politics
  • The eight Issue: The kuffaar’s domination of the Muslims
  • The ninth Issue: The Muslims’ weakness
  • The tenth Issue: The dilemma of divided hearts
  • About Us (Invitation To Islam)

The Perfectly Complete Religion – Author’s biography:

His name is Muhammed Al-Ameen ibn Muhammed AlMukhtar ibn Abdul Qadir Al-Jekny Ash-Shingeetee. He was born in 1320 Hijrah in Shingeet, Mauritania of a family of scholars, men and women alike. Although his parents died while he was still very young, he studied with his paternal uncle and aunt with whom he lived afterwards.

He studied with the great shaykhs of that land studying the Qur’an, Fiqh’under the Maliki madhhab’, Tafsir, Hadith, Usul’, Nahw”, Sarf, Balaaghah”, Poetry and other Islamic Sciences. He assumed teaching and became a major judge in the land, later he was wanted by the French and sentenced to death by them (they colonized that country along with other North African Mediterranean countries) for refusing to submit to the French and their call. However, he escaped them.

In 1367 Hijrah he went to perform Hajj, and while in AlMedinah he gave some lessons in the Prophet’s Masjid. When those in charge and responsible over the masjid’s affairs became aware of him they asked that he remain and continue teaching there by request from the king Abdul Aziz Al-Saud himself.

Then, after different teaching positions throughout the Kingdom, in 1381 he began teaching at The Islamic University of AlMedinah upon its opening

Shaykh has many great works

The Shaykh has many great works (all have been public shed):

1. Aduna Al-Bayaan Fi Tafsir Al-Qur’an Bil-Our’an. 2. Al-Mudhairab Fi Usul Al-Fiqh.” 3. Adab Al-Babb Wal-Munadbarah.” 4. Daf Iban Al-Idrirab ‘An Ayat Al-Kitaab.” 5. Natbr Al-Wurd’Ala Maraqi As-Sand.”

The Shaykh was known for his immense knowledge in the afore mentioned Islamic Sciences as well as his picty, humbleness, simplicity in living, devotion to learning and teaching, virtuous character and more. He is noted as saying in regards to his great hatred of gbibab (back biting) “How can I take the most precious thing I possess that being my basanat (good deeds) – and give them to another in exchange for bis bonor and reputation!”

The renowned former mufti” of Saudi Arabia Muhammed ibn Ibrahim (Allah (s) have mercy upon him) said praising him, “He is filled with exowledge from bis head to his feet.” Also, “A wirade in (bis lenowledge of) Islamic Sciences, the Qur’an, Arabic Language and Arabic Poetry.”

The Shaykh died after having fallen ill upon returning from Hajj in the year 1393 Hijrah, and was buried in Makkah.

Allah (s) grant him a special place in Jannab (Paradise) with the other noble scholars of Islam, replace the likes of them with equals or even better and ultimately, upon our death forgive us, have mercy upon us and bless us to be in Jannab along with the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs and the virtuous. Indeed, their companionship is blessed! Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

And then,

May the Blessings of Allah (s) be upon our Belored Prophet Mobannad, bis family and all bis companions.

All Praise and Gratitude is to Allah (s) alone, the LORD of all Creation.

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