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Islamic Renaissance - The Real Task Ahead by Dr. Israr Ahmad
📘 Book Title Islamic Renaissance
👤 Book AuthorIsrar Ahmad
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Islamic Renaissance – The Real Task Ahead by Dr. Israr Ahmad


He says;

In this monograph, I have tried to present, to the best of my ability and comprehension,

an in-depth analysis of the current religious and cultural attitude of Muslims all over the world. I have also discussed the nature of various movements working for the renaissance of Islam, their achievements, and their shortcomings.

On the positive side, my prognosis for fruitful revivalist work has been expressed schematically.

Based on my analysis, I have also suggested a basic program. As an immediate concrete step towards the realization of an Islamic revival, the plan for the establishment of a Qur’an Academy has been presented in detail.

After presenting this analysis and program of action, I launched a vigorous struggle and movement for religious revival. With the grace of Almighty God, my humble efforts have borne fruit.

 For the concerted and collective pursuance of the goal of Islamic resurgence and especially for the establishment of the proposed Qur’an Academy, Markazi Anjuman Khuddam-ul-Quran was organized in Lahore.

The proposals and plans delineated in this booklet have been fully incorporated into the constitution and objectives of the Anjuman.

 Some progress has already been made towards the establishment of the Qur’an Academy.

This monograph is being published for our readers by Markazi Anjuman Khuddam-ul- Qur’an who may take it as the Anjuman’s manifesto.

Even though many apparent changes have occurred in the Islamic world over the past few years, no substantial transformation in the complexion of the Islamic world has taken place

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