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Islamic Teachings on Ideal Family Life pdf

Book Title Islamic Teachings On Ideal Family Life
Book AuthorMukhtar AhmadCheema
Total Pages64
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Islamic Teachings on Ideal Family Life


Book Contents

  • Foreword 3
  • Islāmic Marriage System 6
  • What is Marriage? 6
  • No Room for Celibacy in Islām 7
  • Status of Men and Women 8
  • Purpose of Marriage 14
  • Propagation of Species through Marriage 15
  • Selection of a Partner 17
  • Compatibility (Kufw) 17
  • Piety Must be a Priority 18
  • Truthfulness in Exchanging Information 19
  • Role of Parents in the Marriage 19
  • Seeing of Each Other For Marriage 20
  • Essentials of Marriage (Nikāḥ) 21
  • Dowry (Mahr) 21
  • Limit of Dowry (Mahr) 23
  • Guardian (Walī) 23
  • Consent of Bride for Marriage 23
  • Guardian of a Muslim Girl of a Non-Muslim Family 24
  • The Need for a Guardian for a Woman 24
  • Announcement of Marriage (Nikāḥ Ceremony) 25
  • No Nikāḥ Without a Guardian for the Bride 26
  • Two Witnesses are a Must for Nikāḥ 26
  • Aḥmadiyya Muslim Community USA Guidelines for Wedding Ceremonies 27
  • Islāmic Teachings on Post-Marital Counceling for Ideal Family Life 29
  • Responsibilities of Husband and Wife as Life Partners 30
  • Supplications to God for a Happy Life 31
  • Men as Guardians of Women 32
  •  Noble example of the Wives of the Holy Prophet 36
  • Ladies First  36
  • Exemplary   Family  37
  • Simple Farewell Ceremony for the Daughter of Ḥaḍrat Mirzā Ghulām Aḥmad, the Promised Messiah, peace be on him                                                                            38 Obligations of a Married Couple to Parents and Children 39
  • The Future Generation 44
  •  Islāmic Veil   49
  • Wisdom Behind the Injunctions of Veil 50
  • Requirements of the Islāmic System of Veil 51
  • Extreme Attitudes about Veil 52
  • Glossary 54
  • Index 56

Book foreword

Being a complete and final religion from God, Islām guides all aspects of our lives. This guidance is contained in the Holy Qur’ān; the life-time examples (that is, the Sunnah) and the sayings (Ḥadīth) of the Holy Prophet Muḥammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be on him).

In the USA, our members grow up in a non-Islāmic culture, and there are also converts to Islām who need to learn the Islāmic guidelines on marriage (just as in other matters). In light of this, Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya in USA has colleted the relevant teachings on marriage.

These contain the Qur’ānic injunctions, extracts from the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muḥammad, peace and blessings of Allāh be on him, his example and written material obtained from the writings of Ḥaḍrat Mirzā Ghulām Aḥmad, the Promised Messiah, peace be on him.

This task was performed by the Tarbiyat Committee including members of the auxiliary organizations. Although the brunt of this work was borne by Maulānā Mukhtār Aḥmad Cheema, Maulānā Dāūd Ḥanīf made final adjustments.

The compilation of the material is divided as follows:

  • Part One is on Islāmic teachings when viewed as a premarital advice (counseling before Nikāḥ).
  • Part Two is advice on conduct during married life.
  • Part Three is on solutions to problems if and when they arise in the course of married life, so as to restore domestic peace and harmony. This will be printed separately.

This treatise is presented in the hope that many of the questions will be answered and that it will form the basis for mutual discussion among the parties.

 In particular it may help in defining expectations for married life as an Aḥmadī Muslim. In Shā’ Allāh. Wassalām, Ahsānullāh Ẓafar Amīr, Aḥmadiyya Movement in Islām, U S A

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