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Islamology by Ali Shariati pdf download

Islamology by Ali Shariati
Book Title Islamology
Book AuthorAli Shariati
Total Pages42
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Islamology by Ali Shariati


From the Book

A geometrical figure of a school of thought and an ideology which every Islamologist and aware Muslim should have of Islam, not only as explanation of their religious belief but as a logo of a school of thought and ideology.

Gaston Bachelard, one of the greatest thinkers of ourage, comparable to Descartes and Plato, who, unfortunately died a few years ago being quite unknown, believed that when an idea can be conceptualized in a geometric form, it has found its proper language in which to express and explain itself. That is, when an idea finds geometrical expression, this idea has found the best language of its expression.

Any idea which can be conceptualized and then expressed through a geometric form, is itself proof of its being both valid and sound.

The most exact scientific concepts in the world are mathematical ones.

 If we are able to express our philosophical or ideological ideas in mathematical or geometrical language, we have both found the best language to express our concepts as well as the best proof of the fact that intellectual ideas are logical as opposed to philosophies and religions which have to engage in discussion, argumentation, sophistry, debates and comparisons to prove their logic.

There, one will have chosen the weakest language of expression from the view of reasoning and logic.

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