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Jewels of guidance pdf download

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 Jewels Of Guidance
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Ibn baaz, Mohammed Akhtar Chaudhry, Uthaymin
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Jewels of guidance gems from the lives of the three imaams Ibn Baaz, al-Albaanee, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen – may Allaah have mercy upon them all translated by Mohammed Akhtar Chaudhry

Book Sample

Jewels of guidance

The sweetness of sitting with the poor and needy

Dr. Naasir ibn Misfir az-Zahraane narrates:

‘Some people came to. the Shaykh and said to him: “O noble Shaykh, some of the noblemen (men of wealth and status) have mentioned their distaste about the fact that the people seated with you for lunch and dinner are from all walks of life; in particular that no distinction is made between the elite and the poor, the Arab and the non-Arab, etc.

So, we are not suggesting that you abandon feeding the people and opening your house to them, but rather that there should be a special gathering for the poor and destitute where (only) they eat and drink, and that you and your special guests (men of wealth and status) can have your own specialgathering.

The Shaykh’s face changed, and he said:

”Pitiful, pitiful the person who holds this opinion has not tasted the sweetness of sitting with the poor and needy, and eating with the des­ titute. I will continue upon this (my way) and I offer no special treat­ ment (to the men of wealth and status). Whoever is able to sit with me and these poor and destitute people, then he can sit, and whoever is unable, then he is not compelled to do so.“‘

looking after the ill

Muhammad ibn Saalih az-Zahraanee narrates

‘I once had some important work to do in the Comoros Islands, and (whilst there) I came across one of the du’aat (callers to Islaam), com­ plaining of some illness. So I asked him to accompany me back to Saudi Arabia, which he did.

Upon our return, we went to visit Shaykh Ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah) who interceded on his behalf so that he may be ad­ mitted into one of the military hospitals, and it was then that he was treated for his illness. On top of this, he also took care of his daily ex­ penses and lodgings until he returned to his country.’

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