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Letters of Al-Ghazzali pdf download

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 Letters Of Al Ghazzali
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Imam Al-Ghazali
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In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most  Compassionate and blessings be upon Muhammad, the Prophet of  Allah and as well as on his family and his companions, who led us forth from error!

Al-Ghazzali is a figure of such towering importance that some detailed account of his life, doctrine and works must be inserted in a book like this which professes to be a collection of his selected letters,

Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad, AI-Ghazzali, the Shafi’ite and Ash’arite, was born at Tus in Khurasan in 450 A.H. (1072 A.O.) about the time of Sultan Alp Arslan’s accession to the Seljuq’s throne, and died at the age of fifty-five in the year 112-7 A.O. at Tabaran, a village near Tus.

The latter was in anifent times one of the famous cities in Khurasaµ. It is today little more than a village, but is well known for its association with the famous poet Firdausi who died there in 1020 A.O. AI-Ghazzali’s father himself was an illiterate person, but appears to have been remarkably careful of his son’s education. He used to spin wool and sell it in his shop. That is why the family of Al-Ghazzali, is known as such, since its members were the spinners of wool.

The father of AI-Ghazzali entrusted his two sons AI­Ghazzali himself and his brother Ahmad to the care of a pious sufi who taught them writing and educated them till the money left by him was spent up. They were taught and brought up in quite poor and humble conditions and it became impossible for them to continue their studies.

Then says Al-Ghazzali, “Our teacher with whom we had lived before, turned us out of his doors and we did not like to be a source of burden to him, so we left his house. Disappointed and disheartened we had to leave our hearth and home and went to a college to learn jurisprudence so that we

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