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Life Death and Beyond pdf download

  • Book Title:
 Life Death And Beyond
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Life Death and Beyond


Book Content

  • Ray of Hope                                        
  • Prepare for the Coming Day                           
  • The Story of Human Life                             
  • Death and God’s Creation Plan                       
  • The End of Glory                                    
  • A Human Being is Eternal                           
  • Counting Our Blessings                              
  • Old Age, a Reminder                                 
  • Learning a Lesson from Death                        
  • Before Old Age Arrives                              
  • Pre-Death Period is a Temporary Journey              
  • A Leap into the Unknown                            
  • On Death’s Doorstep                               
  • Time’s Up!                                          
  • Old Age is Giving You a Message                      
  • Period for Preparation                               
  • The Taste of Death                                                                 
  • Sixteen Minutes from Home                          
  • My Personal ‘/’                                     
  • Burial of the Dead                                   
  • Introduction to Paradise                            
  • The Thought of Death: A Masterstroke                
  • Save Yourself from Eternal Failure                    
  • Living Awareness of Death                            
  • Consciousness of Death Can Change Our Life           
  • Destroyer of Attachments                           
  • Death Just Can’t Be Defeated                        
  • One’s Own Funeral Prayer                            
  • Seriousness about Life                              
  • Death is Not an Accident                           
  • Negation of Greatness                               
  • Life Death and Beyond
  • Travelling to Participate in a Victory Rally              
  • News of Promotion                                
  • Death, a Divine Plan                               
  • Positive Conception of Death                        
  • ‘Right Here, Right Now’                            
  • Every Birthday is a Reminder                         
  • Death: A Cause for Mercy                            
  • Do Not Wait for Next the Morning                   
  • Why Untimely Death?                              
  • The Airport of the Hereafter                         
  • To Which Country Have You Gone                    
  • In a Totally Different World                         
  • Death, A Personal Earthquake                       
  • A Living Concept of Death                           
  • A Meaningful Life                                  
  • The Wealth of Good Deeds                          
  • Dying in Hope                                     
  • Final Appearance                                   
  • Seek the Right Philosophy of Life                    
  • The End of this Life                                
  • Planning for Life                                   
  • Beginning of a New Stage of Life                      
  • Why Does Life Become a Tragedy for Many?            
  • The Day of Judgment Knocks!                       
  • Being ‘Next to God’                                 
  • Remembering Death is Good for Health               
  • Secret of Mental Peace                               
  • Nothing is Our Personal Possession                   
  • Why This Heedlessness of Death?                    
  • Life Beyond Life                                   
  • Wall of Laughter                                     
  • Break in History                                   
  • The Real Destination                                
  • End of a Period                                    
  • Selection for Paradise                              
  • Hereafter-Oriented Thinking                       
  • The Nursery of the Hereafter                       
  • The Nursery of Paradise                           
  • Two Worlds                                            
  • Misuse and Proper Use of Freedom                    
  • Detached Thinking                                 
  • Returning Is Impossible                             
  • Life on the Other Side                               
  • Everything Falls into Place                          
  • The Invisible Wall of Death                         
  • Real World, Imaginary World                       
  • Losing Out in the Hereafter                        
  • Racing to Nowhere!                                 
  • The Tomorrow That is to Come                     
  • The Countdown has Reached Last but One           
  • World of Action, World of Reward                    
  • Why This Honoured Status?                         
  • Towards the True Companion                        
  • Permanent Joy Only in the Hereafter                  
  • Wait for Fulfilment of Desires                        
  • Strength of Belief in the Hereafter                    
  • Failure of the Successful Person                       
  • When Pleasures Are Demolished                     
  • Finally, the Grave                                    
  • A Compulsory Reminder                            
  • Guidance from Death                               
  • Your Actions Will be Returned to You                
  • Prepare for the Moment That is Coming               
  • Real Existence is God’s Alone                       
  • The Happiness We’re Searching For                  
  • Limitless Hopes, Unfulfilled Dreams                  
  • In Search of a Satisfactory Explanation of Human Life 
  • The Road to Success                                
  • Paradise on Your Wish List                          
  • How to Attain God’s Neighbourhood                 
  • Farsightedness in Seeking Paradise                   
  • This World is an Examination Hall                   
  • What Do You Really Own?                         
  • Love for the Immediate                             
  • Will You be Alive Tomorrow?                         
  • Revolution in One’s Thinking                       
  • From Everything Towards Nothing                   
  • Keeping Away from Preoccupations Temporarily       
  • Death Can Come in Any Situation                    
  • Be Seeker of the Hereafter                           
  • Successful Life, Unsuccessful End                    
  • How to Overcome Anguish?                          
  • Coming and Going                                 
  • Detachment from One’s Greatness                  
  • True Success: Finding God                          

Book’s intorduction

This book is about human life—in particular, about the purpose of human life. Why have we taken birth here, on Earth? What is death? What happens to us after death? These issues are a central focus of the Quran.

In fact, one could say that a basic purpose of the Quran is to inform human beings about the purpose of their life so that they plan it accordingly.

We are born from our mother’s womb, enter this world, spend some years here, die and then move on to the next stage of life.

The Quran describes this in a very clear manner.

The first and foremost task for each one of us is to discover the purpose of human life and to understand what happens after we die.

 We need to reflect on the reality of death. Being heedless of death, we set many goals such as pursuing material luxury, acquiring fame and honour, unceasingly working to defeat our rivals or opponents, trying to make others suffer losses at our hands.

All the while we are ignorant of the truth that at death, we will not take any of these accomplishments with us to the afterlife.

We need to know for what eternal purpose we have come into this world. How should we plan for our life by rising above superficial considerations and achieve that which is abiding and permanent, so that it benefits us in the life Hereafter?

The Quran provides us the guidance we need in this regard.

Ray of Hope

A certain highly educated Indian Muslim man completed his formal education and shifted to London, where he is now based. In terms of his thinking, you could call him ‘ultra- secular’. He doesn’t believe in Islam or any other religion and lives a completely ‘free’ sort of life.

This man has now become old and his health isn’t at all good. Witnessing people die, he thinks that he, too, will die in the same way. He now eagerly wants to know what happens to people after death.

Once they grow old, many people who have lived a ‘free’ life like this man begin to fear what the future might have in store for them after they die.

They never cared about this question when they were young, but now that they are old, the realization that they might die at any moment and the fear of what awaits them after that begins to haunt them.

Once, a wealthy old man requested a religious preacher to meet him. His apprehension about his impending death had begun to trouble him. “You see,” he said to the preacher, “I am an old man.

Life has lost all meaning. I am ready to take a fateful leap into the unknown. Young man, can you give me a ray of hope?”

To such a questioner, it can only be said that the reliable means to know what happens after death is the Quran.

No human being knows what is going to happen after death. But God, our Creator, , and He has explained this fully in the Quran.

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