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Lights of the Holy Quran pdf download

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 Lights Of The Holy Quran
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Kabir Helminski
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Lights of the Holy Quran – Book Sample

Bismillah arRahman arRahim

Introduction – Lights of the Holy Quran

This is a sourcebook of Quranic selections and accompanying interpretations. These selections were made, above all, to highlight the fundamental spiritual principles contained in the Qur’an. If you are new to the Qur’an, we hope that this book will provide a balanced view of the Heart of the Qur’an. If you are already a student of the Qur’an, we hope that these selections will perhaps awaken a new appreciation for the universal spiritual wisdom of the Book.

The interpretations are not meant to be the final word, but rather a point of entry to the universe of meaning offered to us by Revelation. The reader will encounter a variety of viewpoints and understandings and will be encouraged to deepen his or her understanding by reflecting upon the material offered here. In some cases the interpretations offer background information that establish a context for the ayäh. In other cases one might be opened to a direct soul encounter with the words themselves.

The translations, while remaining fairly close to the widely respected translations of Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Asad, aim at a contemporary idiom that is nevertheless dignified and sacred without being ponderous or archaic. Where changes have been made from the accepted translations of Ali and Asad, they are in the direction of linguistic integrity rather than free interpretation. In other words, we have tried to take as few liberties with the text as possible.

Any selection from the Qur’an will inevitably be somewhat subjective and, perhaps, arbitrary. Nevertheless, it is also true that certain passages have become often-quoted favorites. We apologize if some of your favorites may seem to be missing. We have done our best to include selections that touch upon the major spiritual themes of the Qur’an. May people profit from these pages and may Allah be pleased with our efforts.

The Opening: Seven Often-Repeated Verses

In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate, Most Merciful.

All praise is God’s, the Sustainer of all worlds, the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful, Sovereign of the Day of Reckoning.

You alone do we worship and You alone do we ask for help. Guide us on the straight path; the path of those who have received Your favor, not the path of those who have earned Your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray. [1:1-7]

This Sürah is also called Fätiåat al-Kitäb (“The Opening of the Divine

Writ”), Umm al-Kitäb (“The Essence of the Divine Writ”), Sürat al- Åamd (“The Sürah of Praise”), Asäs al-Qur’än (“The Foundation of the Qur’än), and is known by several other names as well. It is mentioned elsewhere in the Qur’än as As’Sab‘ al-Mathänï (“The Seven Oft- Repeated [Verses]”) because it is repeated several times in the course of each  of the five daily prayers. According to Bukhärï, the designation Umm al-Kitäb was given to it by the Prophet himself, and this in view the fact that it contains, in a condensed form, all the fundamental principles laid down in the Qur’än: the principle of God’s oneness and uniqueness, of His being the originator and fosterer of the universe, the….

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