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lying and envying pdf download

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 Lying And Envying
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Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim
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Introduction – LYING AND ENVYING

All praise is to Allah, the Rubb of the worlds. Peace and blessings be upon the most honored among the Prophets and Messengers.  Allah has made the Muslim Ummah a nation of purity in faith, actions and sayings. Truthfulness is the sign for the happiness of the nation and its pure conscience. The key to happiness is truthfulness and belief, while misery is associated with lying and disbelief.

Allah has told us that on the Day of Resurrection nothing would help us except our truthfulness. He will make Ktidhib (liar) in speech and· actions the flag by which the hypocrites will be distinguished. Everything that the Lord blames them with has originated within the lying of their speech and actions.

So the truth or truthfulness is the mail of Faith, its guide, mount, drive, leader, adornment and garment. It is the heart and the soul ofFaith.

On the other hand, lying is the mail of disbelief and hypocrisy. It is their guide, mount, drive, leader, adornment, garment and heart. The 􀁡lationship of Kadhib to Faith is like Shirk to Tauhid. Kadhib and Faith can never be together in the same place. If they meet, one of them will push the other out and take its place.

Allah has not blessed any person with a blessing after Islam greater than truthfulness. It is actually the life and the survival of Islam. And Allah has never tried a person with something worse than Kadhib. Kadhib is indeed the disease that may spoil the Faith.

My Muslim brother, beware of Kadhib. It spoils the information that you receive and then spoils your presentation to it. The liar makes the false seem true and the true seem false, the fictitious seem real and the real seem fictitious, and the evil seem good and the good seem evil. He confuses himself as well.

The liar has evil intentions inclined to falsehood

That is, in reality, a form of punishment for him. He also confuses the person he lies to. The liar has evil intentions inclined to falsehood. He doesn’t benefit from his tongue. His actions are also influenced by his lying and consequently he does not benefit from them either.

Allah has made pure love among Muslims stronger through the bonds of our love in Allah. He promises to combine those under the Shade of His Throne, who love one another in Allah’s Cause. Islam confirmed these meanings by mandating the preservation and protection of the property, honor and blood of other Muslims. No Muslim may be harmed or touched with evil.

However, some persons insist on swimming in dirty waters and quench their thirst for revenge by malice and envy from others whom Allah has given from His bounty. Such attitude will produce evil fruits, among which ‘is Ghfbah (backbiting), Namimah (calumny) and mockery, etc. No society is free of such low people.

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