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Man and God pdf book free download

  • Book Title:
 Man And God
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Man and God


Book contents

  • Living Proof of God                             
  • This Is Not a Museum of the Mute!                  
  • Listen to God’s Voice in the Language of Silence       
  • Seeing the Inner Reality of Things                   
  • The Innate Emotion to Find the Creator            
  • Seeing Wonders in Usual Phenomena                
  • The Delight of Discovery                       
  • Experience of the Presence of God                
  • The Table Spread of the Cosmos                    
  • Awakening One’s Inner Capacity                    
  • The Importance of Gratitude                      
  • Deception of Greatness                         
  • Need For a Guide                               
  • The Darkness Shall End!                            
  • This World and the Hereafter                     
  • Limitations of the Present World                   
  • Contradiction between the Human World
  • and the Rest of the Cosmos                       
  • The Divine ‘Operation’!                           
  • Two Types of Souls                              
  • Why Such Lawlessness in the Human World?        
  • Weigh Before You Are Weighed                    
  • Encashing ‘ Pound’ Cheque for ‘ Pounds’        
  • Seek the Eternal World                           
  • Minarets of Worldly Glory                         
  • Without an Identity Card                        
  • A Bud that Will Bloom in Heaven                  
  • Fake Fruits and Flowers                            
  • Beware of Weeds Growing Within                 
  • At the Same Level                               
  • Your Actions Should Have A Spiritual Dimension     
  • Offering One’s Self to God                      
  • Wrong Comparison between God and Man           
  • The Reward for Patience                          
  • Remembrance of God in Times of Ease             
  • When Death Approaches                       
  • Deception Everywhere                            
  • The Exception of the Human World               
  • What God Wants from Us                      
  • Just Words, No Action                           
  • When Words Become Insufficient                 
  • Those Who Act for the Sake of the World           
  • Earning Divine Reward                           
  • What is Closeness to God?                       
  • Fake Piety                                        
  • Heed the Words of the Caller to Truth              

Book’s foreword

This book aims to develop in the reader the sight that can perceive the Creator in His creation. In the flowing rivers, beaming sunlight, verdant trees and gentle breeze, one can discover the subtle attributes of the Creator who fashioned it all and endowed everything with special properties. We need to learn to listen to the silent voice conveyed by the universe through which we can connect with the Creator and fulfil our innate desire to search for the Being who created us.

The various articles of the book explain how a person who sincerely seeks God will find evidence of His wonders in seemingly unusual phenomena of nature.

 Such a person will attach no importance to the material world and his thirsty soul will find solace in the experience of ‘presence of God’ in the cosmos

spread around him.

The reader’s attention is then drawn toward the human world and the contrast that it bears with God’s world.

If on the one hand there is perfection, harmony and beauty par excellence, on the other hand there is disagreement, dissension, and all kinds of injustice. This contradiction often causes people to question God’s very existence, some purporting that God is mute.

The book quells these doubts by expounding on the creation plan of God.

The reality of pre-death and post-death is stressed for those in quest for leading life meaningfully.

This reminds a person to rise beyond ‘today’ and to think of ‘tomorrow’. Being engaged in actions that solely add to our material welfare will only be wasting this opportunity of life.

Our actions should be spiritual experiences for us, providing our inner being with spiritual nourishment.

Such elevation of character and purification of the soul will matter in the life after death, and not one’s material acquisitions and external accomplishments. Wahiduddin Khan

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