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MOON SIGHTING pdf download

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Moon Sighting by Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Memon Madani Translated by Shaikh Asim Ahmad


In the issue of moon sighting there are two roles.

The first role is that of the eminent scholars who have always been the well-wishers of the ummah.

They aspired to take out confrontation and sectarianism from the concept of moon sighting.

They make efforts every year to bring this matter to a consensus and to unify the communities and masajid on one decision.

We have seen, though, that their efforts have fallen on deaf ears with little to no difference on the outcome of each coming Ramadan.

The second role is played by those who put aside intellect and judge matters based on their emotions.

The result: they remain stubborn on their personal opinion though it may clearly contradict the Qur’an and Sunnah.

People are forced to follow their opinion to the extent that one who disagrees with it becomes a social pariah.

 There is no accountability if these emotional people backbite him, falsely accuse him, or swear at him as if it is permissible.

 Sometimes it goes to the extent of physically abuse for his difference of opinion and worse, the one who beat him actually thinks he is performing a good deed.

 In essence, a purely juristically Islamic issue becomes the playground of a few people who try to solve and settle it with emotions and fieriness.

 It is relegated from an Islamic issue to a personal one.

Differing with an opinion translates to an attack on the individual who holds that opinion. The result of this is self-evident. A day of one of the most sacred worships in Islam

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