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📘 Book Title One Minute Madrasa
👤 Book AuthorHakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab
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One Minute Madrasa by Moulana Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Saheb


From the Book

4) the harms that occur due to sins

One harm is that causes a tired mind to become weak and the intelligence to diminish the Commission of sins is proof of one’s foolishness.

If one’s intellect were sound one would not disobey that Powerful Being who controls both the worlds Furthermore for the sake of the little enjoyment of sin, one will destroy the benefit of Dua and one’s hereafter.

5) the benefit of obedience and worship

Some virtuous acts have the effect that they cause Barkat in possessions.

 It is mentioned in a Hadith that if the seller and buyer speak the truth and disclose the condition of the goods then there will be Barkat for both of them in their transaction. (Bukhari and Muslim)

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