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Oxford picture dictionary Arabic English pdf

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 Oxford Picture Dictionary Arabic English
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Jayme Adelson
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Oxford picture dictionary Arabic English – Jayme Adelson


From the Book: Welcome to the OPD SECOND EDITION

Teaching with the Oxford Picture Dictionary Program The following general guidelines will help you prepare single and multilevel lessons using the OPD program. For step-by-step, topic-specific lesson plans, see OPD Lesson Plans.

Use Students’ Needs to Identify Lesson Objectives

Create communicative objectives based on your learners’ needs assessments (see OPD 2e Assessment Program). Make sure objectives state what students will be able to do at the end of the lesson. For example: Students will be able to respond to basic classroom commands and requests for

classroom objects. (pp. 6-7, A Classroom) • For multilevel classes, identify a low-beginning, high

beginning, and low-intermediate objective for each topic.

Preview the Topic

Identify what your students already know about the topic. Ask general questions related to the topic. Have students list words they know from the topic. Ask questions about the picture(s) on the page.

 Present the New Vocabulary

Research shows that it is best to present no more than 5-7 new words at a time. Here are a few presentation techniques: • Say each new word and describe it within the context of the

picture. Have volunteers act out verbs and verb sequences. Use Total Physical Response commands to build vocabulary comprehension.

For long or unfamiliar word lists, introduce words by categories or select the words your students need most. Ask a series of questions to build comprehension and give clues such as a drawing, translation, or sentence. More vocabulary and Grammar Point sections provide additional presentation opportunities (see p.5, School). For multilevel presentation ideas, see OPD Lesson Plans.

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