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Paradise The Final Phase of Human Civilization pdf

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 Paradise The Final Phase Of Human Civilization
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Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Paradise the Final Phase of Human Civilization


What is Paradise

In reality, Paradise is a transformation of the earth. As we know, the earth was initially an inchoate, molten mass, then it cooled down to its present state, taking the form of our world as we know it today. In a similar way, another transformation will take place in the future, but to a far greater degree: at that time, our non- paradisiacal earth will turn into Paradise.

In this present world many things are brought into existence as a result of conversion. For example, water results from the conversion of two gases. A tree represents the conversion of the soil’s nutrients.

 Machines are a conversion of iron from its crude state into complex mechanisms. The industrial world ensures the conversion of inert materials into socially useful commodities.

In the same way, in future, conversion shall take place on a far grander scale. At that time, this far from ideal world will change into an ideal world. This in terms of religion would be known as Paradise.

This instance of conversion is referred to in the Quran in the following verse: “When the earth shall be changed into another earth.” (The Quran 14: 48)

This process of conversion has repeatedly taken place on earth. On our earth, conversion is a known and natural process. That is, it is a normal occurrence.

This being so, believing in Paradise is just like believing in the continuance of a predictable series of events. It is just like saying of a factory that it has produced 999 items and now the thousandth item is about to be produced.

Paradise is not just a matter of religious belief or dogma. According to the eternal laws of nature, Paradise is a state which is bound to come into existence.

A study of the law governing earthly systems shows that the present world is undergoing a continuous evolutionary process, of which Paradise, logically, is the ultimate phase.

 Paradise is the natural culmination of a creation which at a certain point in time had a definite beginning.

Paradise is the natural culmination of creation which at a certain point of time had a definite beginning.

Astronomical studies show that the Universe is so extremely vast, and expanding at such a rate that, even with the use of very powerful telescopes, its total dimensions have yet to be estimated.

 In this immeasurably vast universe, the earth is an extremely tiny planet. In comparison to this universe our earth is even smaller than a grain of sand.

Throughout the entire universe our earth is a very rare exception, in that it is the only place where exceptional things like water, greenery, air and oxygen are present. If life can prevail on this earth, it is because side by side with it there are life support systems.

On the earth, there exist all those valuable elements by utilizing which man can, if he wills, build a civilization. It is the task of human beings to convert this potential into reality.

It is quite evident that civilization, passing continuously from one stage of its history to another, is moving on from its initial stage of development to a higher plateau altogether. (For details of this journey of civilization, see the United Nations publication: “The History of Mankind”).

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