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Principles of Islam pdf download

  • Book Title:
 Principles Of Islam
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Principles of Islam


Book Contents

  • Akhirat                                    
  • Angels                                     
  • Avoidance                                 
  • Calling God                               
  • Dhikr (Remembrance of God)               
  • Divine Way                               
  • Education                                 
  • Faith                                     
  • Family Life                                
  • Fasting                                   
  • Freedom of Expression                      
  • Fundamentalism                           
  • Gaining or Losing                          
  • God                                      
  • God-Oriented Life                         
  • God’s Blessings                            
  • God’s Servant                              
  • Good Character                           
  • Contents
  • Greater Jihad                              
  • Hajj                                      
  • Human Brotherhood                       
  • Human Equality                           
  • Intentions                                 
  • Jihad                                     
  • Marriage                                  
  • Mercy of God                              
  • Mornings and Evenings                     
  • The Mosque                               
  • Neighbors                                 
  • Non-Violence                              
  • Observing Silence                          
  • On the Occasion of Differences              
  • Patience (Sabr)                             
  • Peace                                     
  • Piety                                     
  • Plants                                   
  • Prayer                                   
  • Promise                                  
  • Prophet                                  
  • Prophethood                             
  • Purity of Body and Soul                    
  • The Quran                               
  • Religion of Peace                          
  • The Rights of Human Beings                
  • Salvation                                 
  • Signs of God                             
  • Simplicity                                
  • Social Service                             
  • Social Work                              
  • Society                                  
  • Speaking the Truth                        
  • Spiritual Uplift                            
  • Spirituality                               
  • Tawheed                                 
  • Thanksgiving                             
  • Tolerance                                
  • Trial                                     
  • Wealth                                   
  • Without Prejudice                         
  • Zakat (Almsgiving)                        



Man is an eternal creature. However, God has divided his life span into two parts. A very tiny part of it has been placed in this world, while all of the remainder has been

placed in the Hereafter. The present world is the world of action, while the world of the Hereafter is the place for reaping the harvest of actions.

The present world is imperfect, but the world of the Hereafter is perfect in every respect.

The Hereafter is a limitless world where all things have been provided in their ideal state.

God has placed His heaven – full of all kinds of blessings – in that world of the Hereafter. Those who prove to be God-fearing and pious in this world will enter into that world to find the gates of heaven eternally open for them.

But those who are oblivious of God in this present world or who opt for the path of contumacy in regard to God’s matters are criminals in God’s eyes.

All such people will be deprived of the blessings of the Hereafter.

God is invisible in this present world, and will appear in all His power and majesty only in the world of the Hereafter. Then all human beings will bow low before Him. But at that time, surrendering will be of no avail.

Self-abnegation and acceptance of God is desired only while God is still invisible. Surrendering before God after seeing Him in the Hereafter will not benefit anyone.

Death is not the end of a person’s life. It is only the beginning of the next stage of life. Death is that interim stage when man leaves this temporary world of today for the eternal world of tomorrow.

He goes out of the temporary accommodation of the world to enter the eternal resting place of the Hereafter. The coming of this stage in the Hereafter is the


Of the many beings created by God, the angels are of special importance. God has invested them with the supernatural power to keep order in the functioning of the universe.

They do not, however, deviate in the slightest from the path of God, for all their functioning is in complete obedience to His will.

Diverse and numerous events are taking place at every moment in the universe, for instance, the movement of the stars, the shining of the sun and moon, the falling of the rain, the alternation of the seasons, and so on.

All of these, and many other continually recurring events are attended to by the angels. Working in the universe as extremely faithful and obedient servants of God, they ensure the continued existence of the human and animal species on earth.

As well as running the world’s systems, these angels, a numerous band, take charge of all matters in heaven and hell.

The role of the angels can be understood by the example of a large factory. In any such factory, there are many big and complex machines, which produce the goods for which the factory has been established.

But these machines do not run on their own. To facilitate their smooth running many human hands are required.

Therefore, in every factory there are always a number of people whose duty it is to attend constantly to their proper and efficient functioning. Similarly, countless angels are appointed to ensure the proper functioning of the great factory of the universe.

The difference between the two factories is only that in the material one, the human hands are visible, while in the metaphorical one, the great mechanism of the universe-the angels remain invisible to the naked eye.

Man may not be able to see the angels, but the angels can certainly see man, and keep a watch on him on behalf of God. It is these very angels who take man’s soul away after death.

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