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Refutation of the innovator of Najd pdf

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 Refutation Of The Innovator Of Najd
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Habib al-Haddad
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Refutation of the innovator of Najd – Book Sample

(introduction) by Habib Alawi Ibn Ahmad al-Haddad translation & Notes G.F. Haddad

مقدمة كتاب مصباح الأنام في رد شبهات النجدي البدعي الذي أضل بها العوام

About the book

The Lamp of Man­kind and the Illumination of Darkness: Refutation of the Fallacies of the Najdi Innovator by which He Has Led Astray the Common People), one of the earliest rebuttals of the Wahhabi sect, written in 1216H/1801CE by the Shafi`i scholar Habib Alawi b. Ahmad al-Haddad of Tarim (Yemen), 


Fatwas and Books on the Wahhabiyya

From the book : When we travelled from Hadramawt to ‘Amman recently we met with trustworthy sources who related to us the news of certain gross innovations that originated with the Najdi man [Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (1114/1703-1206/1792)] whose seat is in Dar‘iyya.

At that time we replied to the questions that were put to us concerning him in a book which we titled al-Sayf al-Batir li ‘Unuq al-Munkir ‘ala al-Akabir (“The Sharp Sword on the Neck of the Assailant of the Elders”).3

Allah be praised! He benefited a large number of people through this book. After that, I heard and saw grave matters coming from the innovator of Najd and taking place in ‘Amman and its surrounding regions.

This was due to the death of the Ulema of those regions and the remainder of but few of those who gave no ear to his talk. “The Religion (al-Dîn) appeared as a stranger and shall become a stranger again, just as it had first appeared”– right as it was said by the Founder of True Religion, the Master of Messengers .

I saw a refutation in four chapters authored by one or more of the scholars of knowledge, which I decided to follow up with thirteen more chapters, the final text making up seventeen chapters.

It formed a lavish book which named Misbah al-Anam wa Jala’ al-Zalam fi Radd Shubah al-Bid‘i al-Najdi al-Lati Adalla biha al-‘Awamm (“The Lamp of Mankind and the Illumination of Darkness: Refutation of the Insinuations of the Najdi Innovator through which He Has Led Astray the Common People”).

I ask Allah that He benefit all Muslims through this book and that He make my compilation of the sayings and works of the Ulema a labor of sincerity undertaken for Him alone. I did not do anything more than compile. However, I did not see, at the time of writing this or before it, any book-length work dedicated to refuting this innovator from Najd. I did hear of books composed against him and against the commentary of some epistles he authored. Among those who refuted

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