Reliance of the Traveller: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law Umdat Al-Salik

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 Reliance Of The Traveller Umdat Al Salik
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Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri
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Praise to Allah Most High, who inspired His slave Muhammad the Koran and Wisdom. as a mercy unto the worlds. Allah blesses him and gives him peace.

The four Sunni schools of Islamic law. Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali, are identical in approximately 75 percent of their legal conclusions. while the remaining questions, variances within a single family of explainers of the Holy Koran and prophetic sunna, are traceable to methodological differences in understanding or authentication of the primary textual evidence. differing viewpoints sometimes reflected in even a single school.

The present Volume. ‘Umdat al-sali k [The reliance of the traveler], represents one of the finest and most reliable short works in Shafi’i jurisprudence. a school with perhaps fewer scholarly differences on rulings than others because its main resource is the recension of Imam Nawawi, the great thirteenth-century Shafi’i hadith scholar and jurisprudent who upgraded the work of previous generations in terms of the authenticity and application of hadith evidence.

The author of  Umdat al -sali k. lbn Naqib, closely follows the order and conclusions of Nawawi’s encyclopedia

The author of  Umdat al -sali k. lbn Naqib, closely follows the order and conclusions of Nawawi’s encyclopedic al-Majmu’ sharh al-Muhadhdhab (Thc compendium: an exegesis of “The rarefaction”] with its addendum, al- Takmila [The completion], by I bn Naqib’s own sheikh Taqi al-Din Subki. The present volume is virtually an index of the conclusions of the Majmu •. and readers interested in the evidence from Koran and hadith for the rulings of the present volume can find them there. or, AII ah willing in a forthcoming sister work to be called The Guidance of the Traveler

why offer Muslims a book from a particular school at all? – RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELLER – UMDAT AL-SALIK

In an age when some Muslims are calling for an end to the four schools of jurisprudence in order to make way for a single school exclusively taken. it is claimed. from the texts of the Koran and hadith, -it might be wondered: why offer Muslims a book from a particular school at all?

The answer, in part, is that each school does not merely comprise the work of a single Imam, but rather represents a large collectivity of scholars whose research in Sacred Law and its ancillary disciplines has been characterized by considerable division of labor and specialization over a very long period of time. Among the specialists in the field of hadith, for example, who were Shafi’is are such scholar as Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, ‘•Nasa·i. lbn Majah. Abu Dawud, lhn Kathir, Dhahabi, and Nawawi;

while the school has also had many Koranic exegetes. scholars of the sciences of Arabic, and legal specialists. most of whom were actively involved in contributing to the school’s jurisprudence. The result of this division of labor has been a body of legal texts that are arguably superior in evidence, detail. range. and in sheer usefulness to virtually any recent attempt to present Islam as a unified system of human life. for most nontraditional works seen up to the present have been one-man efforts. while the classic. texts have been checked and refined by a large number of schol­ars. and the difference is manifest.

No single work from any of the schools that has everything

At the same time. it is fairly safe to say that that is no single work from any of the schools that has everything, and an impartial student of jurisprudence must surely feel that the research of the schools should not only be learned and transmitted, but also sorted out and recast into a form accessible and suited to Muslim needs today.

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