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Book Title Scattered Pearls
Book AuthorMuhammad Yunus Palanpuri
Total Pages186
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Scattered Pearls – Selection during the perusal of interesting events, scholarly, knowledgeable and beneficial points by Maulana Muhammad Yunus Palanpuri


‘The honourable Maulana had obviously inherited his love for books and reading from his respected father, MaulanaMuhammad Umar Palanpuri «50 as to be a source of delight for his father.

This most humble servant had witnessed it so many times, the honorable Maulana «1, forgot the world around himself when he was with his books. He was Particularly interested in Tafsir.

Once he said to me: ‘I’d like to study the books of Hadith as well, but the Qur’an is anunfathomable ocean, no matter how often you dive in it, you will always return with yet another treasure of pearls.

I simply can’t help plunging myself into the ocean of the Holy Qur’an, so as to plunge myself into the ocean of Hadith.’

He was most inclined toward “Tafsir- ul Qur’an bil Quran (ie. Tafsir of the Holy thought Qur’an the Holy Qur’an itself), then to Tafsir ulQur’an bil Hadith, then to Tafsir -ul Qur’an bi aqwal us-SahabaWat -taba‘in,

He feared Tafsir bir rai (ie. Tafsir based on one’s Personal opinion) very much, and he would weep bitterly and tremble with fear on such occasions. Even to Arabs he would Say: ‘Listen, only wish you well, and you should also wish your descendants well (so tell them:) Never try to understand the

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