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Self-Help with illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance pdf

Book Title Self Help With Illustrations Of Conduct And Perseverance
Book AuthorSamuel Smiles
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Self-Help with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance

Author: Samuel Smiles


Book preface.

This is a revised edition of a book which has already been received with considerable favour at home and abroad.

 It has been reprinted in various forms in America; translations have appeared in Dutch and French, and others are about to appear in German and Danish. 

The book has, doubtless, proved attractive to readers in different countries by reason of the variety of anecdotal illustrations of life and character which it contains, and the interest which all more or less feel in the labours, the trials, the struggles, and the achievements of others. 

No one can be better aware than the author, of its fragmentary character, arising from the manner in which it was for the most part originally composed,—having been put together principally from jottings made during many years,—intended as readings for young men, and without any view to publication. 

The appearance of this edition has furnished an opportunity for pruning the volume of some superfluous matter and introducing various new illustrations, which will probably be found of general interest.

In one respect the title of the book, which it is now too late to alter, has proved unfortunate, as it has led some, who have judged it merely by the title, to suppose that it consists of a eulogy of selfishness: the very opposite of what it really is, —or at least of what the author intended it to be. 

Although its chief object unquestionably is to stimulate youths to apply themselves diligently to right pursuits, —sparing neither labour, pains, nor self-denial in prosecuting them,—

and to rely upon their own efforts in life, rather than depend upon the help or patronage of others, it will also be found, from the examples given of literary and scientific men, artists, inventors, educators, philanthropists, missionaries, and martyrs, that the duty of helping one’s self in the highest sense involves the helping of one’s neighbours.

It has also been objected to the book that too much notice is taken in it of men who have succeeded in life by helping themselves, and too little of the multitude of men who have failed. 

“Why should not Failure,” it has been asked, “have its Plutarch as well as Success?”  There is, indeed, no reason why Failure should not have its Plutarch, except that a record of mere failure would probably be

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