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Slaves Of The All Merciful (english) By Mohsen Shaker Al Bayoumi
📘 Book Title Slaves Of The All Merciful
👤 Book AuthorMohsen Shaker Al Bayoumi
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Slaves Of The All-Merciful (English) By Mohsen Shaker Al Bayoumi


What has been mentioned here about the slaves of the All-Merciful is like a drop in the ocean in comparison to their real worth.

 If we desire to be one of them, if we long to attain their exalted ranks, we must hasten to learn about their special qualities and strive to imitate them.

Islam is about striving for perfection according to the example of our beloved Prophet 4 and the noble ones whose hearts have been illuminated by the light that he brought. The slaves of the All-Merciful are living proof of the authenticity of the Message of Islam. They walk in the footsteps of the Messenger and his Companions, sitting at the feet of the noble scholars and keeping company with the right-acting.

They have struggled with their selves and increased their devotions until they have become beloved to the All-Merciful, and He has purified their hearts, illuminated them, and drawn them near to Him.

 If we desire the greatest gift Allah, exalted is He, bestows on a human being:

 to be raised among the ones who are connected to Him, the slaves of the All-Merciful, then we must follow in their noble footsteps. May Allah grant us success. Ameen.

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